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Come On In (House Tour Part Two)

Hope you all are having a fabulous week so far! Today I’m sharing Part Two of our home in pictures as I had promised. So many of you prayed for and encouraged us through our six months of post-disaster renovation, so I wanted to welcome you into our newly constructed home so you could see the finished result of what you prayed for.

Part One (upstairs) can be viewed here.



Our dining room used to be a deep Tuscan red, but we changed it up with a smokey blue with gold and black accents and I love how it turned out. My husband is a member of the Knights of Malta, so this is the room we honor that connection, with a large painting of the famous Battle of Lepanto on the wall, and the portraits on the opposite wall are of some of the most famous/influential Knights from the history of the Order. I’m glad we were able to incorporate some historical elements in this room, since it’s something that means so much to Peter.







Our kitchen was entirely gutted down to plywood and drywall after our house fire, so it was a chance for us to pick out everything for our new kitchen. I must admit this space is all my Pinterest/Joanna Gaines/HGTV dreams come true. I especially love the white subway tile, farmhouse sink, and white counter tops. I’ve always wanted white.

Here’s a “before” pic of what the kitchen looked like when we moved here 3 years ago:


And here she is now:








Right off the kitchen and looking out at the backyard – we spend most of our time and create some of our happiest memories around this table.












Our study serves a bajillion purposes for our family – this is where most of the kids’ toys and books are stored, it’s where we homeschool and play, and it’s also the Hubs’ desk/home office space. Someday I’d love to bring in a professional designer to help me figure out how to utilize this space to the max for our family, but for now it’s cozy and functional and we spend a lot of time here.











Tiny little room across from the study:




When we bought the house this tiny space was pretty much empty and unused by the original owners, but I knew right away I wanted to put in a mud room, since the door leads directly out to the backyard. I used Pinterest to search “IKEA Hacks” websites until I found an IKEA furniture combo that would fit this small space. It’s been a lifesaver for getting sand, dirt and mud off our boys before the invade the rest of the house after play. :o)





Right behind our mud room is the pantry, and for the first year we lived here it was also used as our storage/dump all room. I had wanted a little desk and some space to myself for writing and work, and our home just didn’t offer a good space to make into a “mom office” area. One day it occured to me that if I got rid of all the junk and boxes and storage crap from our back pantry, I could turn it into a little mom office while still storing all my kitchen equipment, pans, cookbooks, etc here.

I painted the room, bought a $25 desk and hutch from Craigslist, and made it bright and girly colored compared to the rest of our home. This room has become such a blessing for me! I hung a shower curtain over our shelves of kitchen stuff to block it from view.

I also store the boys’ Legos in here, so that they can play at my feet if I need to work at my desk. Also, during nap time I clear my desk and let my oldest do Lego work there. He can shut the door and keep his works-in-progress safe from exploring younger siblings. It’s been a much better plan than having him do Legos in the study where they were never safe from the Destructoids.






Our favorite “room” of the house in spring and fall. Looks out at the backyard.


That’s our home! If you’re ever passing through Charlotte, please let us know when to put the coffee pot on!

…And I’ll be sure to post lots of postpartum home life pictures on Instagram to make up for the fact my house is clean in these pictures. :o)





  1. Wow, you have a beautiful sense of style…your house is gorgeous! Love the comment about postpartum pics. I’m in that stage right now…my 7th is two weeks old and a day!

  2. Thank you for sharing….so lovely! How do you manage to have white couches etc?? And how do you keep your boys from destroying all your beautiful decor?? Seriously…I have 2 boys and 2 girls…the boys are pure destruction. I cannot even keep an unopened package of paper towels or toilet tissue intact once they have laid gleaming eyes on it…cannot imagine having so many nice and pretty things around LOL! Candles? Plants? Nice books? What species of boy do you have!?

    • White couches are the secret to boymom success. It’s an IKEA couch with washable covers! I oxyclean them every 3-4 months and it comes out looking bright as new. It’s a miracle – before this we had a brown leather couch but it got scraped and beat up constantly. Search Pinterest for white couch and kids you’ll see I’m not the only testimony! Also my boys are complete destruction. I’ve just taught them from infancy my rules. They can touch anything with a two finger “gentle touch” and if they throw all my throw pillows or blankets on the floor, I won’t pull a game down or let them watch a show until they fix it (it’s fine if it’s hours later…they usually do fix it) Also nothing is within reach that I can’t live without if they break it. I buy my lamps at thrift stores and spray paint them whatever color I want. In the last two years I’ve lost two end table lamps to pillow fights. But I didn’t even cry, it wasn’t my grandmothers China :). Nice books they’re supposed to ask permission first, and I make sure there are baskets of their books allll over so they’re more tempted by them. And then it’s working together to be reasonable. You’ll notice a black lantern under my sofa table. They love opening the door to it. So I let them, I just tell them not to take the candle out 🙂 and if they broke the door off, I can replace it for less than $10 at IKEA. I’d rather have beautiful things on my home even while they’re little and be ready to teach and compromise, rather than a kid proofed environment I don’t love til they’re 12. And here’s a boy secret – they get bored and move on so quickly! Who wants to play with candlesticks more than once when there are building blocks in a basket? Who wants to read dad’s copy of the Summa on the kid level book shelf when there’s Richard Scarry in the book baskets? The beauty of this method is they’ll respect (most) things in others homes as well. It’s not a draconian “don’t touch or else!” Model, I’d call it having reasonable expectations, being willing to part with whatever breaks, and treating them with respect by showing them they are humans not hyenas and are expected to be as respectful as they can be.

      • Thank you Stephanie…you have a lot of wisdom! You are such a natural at motherhood, and homemaking etc… I am sorely
        lacking in both areas but I always am inspired to do better by your blog posts. Thank you again!

  3. Steph, your house looks so beautiful!! I love it, especially the bright and cheery kitchen 🙂 awesome job!

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  4. This is so pretty! I think I’m in another post partum nesting phase and have all kinds of ideas for our house, so this is helping to fry my creative juices flowing.

  5. Your house is gorgeous, Stephanie! And that stunning painting of Lepanto–oh, my. You two are so homeschooled. 😉 (Takes one to know one.)

  6. Incredibly beautiful. Wow. That was a treat to look at! God Bless.

  7. Completely beyond magazine worthy 😉 Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

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