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Holy Heroes for my Boys


I’m excited to tell y’all about a resource that has made my toddlers’ experience of Advent and Lent SO MUCH FULLER each year. I guess I should start with some sort of disclaimer that this is a pseudo-sponsored post. To call it sponsored sounds almost ridiculous to me since before my girlfriend Jenny, who works for Holy Heroes, offered to send me one of their latest coloring books and CDs to review, I had thought to myself earlier in that very week, “I should send an email to the Holy Heroes staff and let them know how much we’re loving their resources this Lent!”

Jenny sent a book and CD. Here’s some of the Holy Heroes resources that I already owned:

So as I said, this post would’ve been coming your way extra gifts from HH or not. Pinky swear. ;0)

Have you heard of Holy Heroes before and do you use their fabulous resources with your children? I’ve blogged about them before because we’ve used their Advent and Lent resources since my oldest was about two. My Dad also shot this video with some of the Holy Heroes cast a few years ago – it’s a great introduction to some of the work they do.

My boys have grown up with Holy Heroes resources, and I cannot speak highly enough of their products. I love the Advent and Lent videos that they send via email daily throughout those liturgical seasons. The videos are short – usually under 3 minutes – and give young children a little lesson on some aspect of the readings of the day, the Feast of the day, or the liturgical season. This Lent, we watched the daily emailed videos right after breakfast before we left the table (iPad or Smartphone works great for this!). Because the video lessons are narrated by children (they’re called “Guides” on the videos), my boys have extra rapt attention while listening to the little lessons. It’s a brilliant play to communicate truth to children.

My sons also love the Holy Heroes coloring books. Now that HH sent me their latest, Road to Calvary, I think we own all of their coloring books. Mark, my 4 year old, is particularly fond of these coloring books. I must admit, my personal taste doesn’t favor the illustrated version of Jesus in the early coloring books. He is a bit gaunt and gangly and just not my favorite depiction. But I’ve kept my opinions to myself and the illustrations haven’t seemed to bother my kids one single bit. (Also I should mention that the Jesus in the new Road to Calvary coloring book has gained weight in his face and looks much more normal! =)

Holy Heroes’ line of Glory Stories is fantastic. I’ve given their fully narrated and professionally produced CDs as gifts to my nieces and nephews for years. They’re always a hit. One of the newest Glory Stories is The Stations of the Cross. I’ll be honest, my boys are just on the cusp of being too young for this CD (They are 4, 3, and 19 months right now). Children even a  year or two older than my gang would be the perfect age to start listening to it. In the next year or so, I can see myself playing this CD every Friday in Lent. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the Station of the Cross poster I made for my kids years ago, and display for them each Lent.

Well y’all shouldn’t be surprised that if I was going to write a “pseudo sponsored post” I was going to ask for some free gifts and discount codes to share with me readers, right? Of course I asked! And Holy Heroes gave me some great deals to share with you for your Easter basket shopping!

First, Holy Heroes has just released a brand new Saints Matching Game! It’s so fun and a perfect Easter basket stuffer. It’s on sale this week on Holy Heroes website, but my readers can get it FREE with any purchase from Holy Heroes. [Add the matching game to your cart, add any other item, and enter code m4tch4U at checkout].

Another great deal – Holy Heroes activity books for the two holiest weeks of the year are on sale right now for 50% off! Check them out here.
As I write this, I’ve got Bear Cub #1 and Bear Cub #2 sitting next to me at the kitchen table coloring in Holy Heroes books. They really do love it. And every single coloring page, without fail, they always ask me to read the caption at the top of the page which tells that part of Jesus’ story (by the way the coloring books are bilingual!).
I hope you get a moment to browse the Holy Heroes website and check out their fabulous products for children. In the meantime, here are some original Bear Cub artwork, ala Holy Heroes, for your viewing pleasure:
By Mark Ignatius:
from Luke Augustine:
 Last but not least, Garrett Ambrose:   
(Sometimes they get the two of us confused ;0):

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