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His Illness and How We Got Our Son Back


St. Thomas the Apostle should be my patron saint. I’m stubborn (quite the news flash, I know) and I’m a doubter – the “you’ve gotta show me” – type. Time and again, God has shown His sense of humor in the ways He’s nudged me to be more open minded.

For example, my Dad wrote a best-selling book on dating and finding a great spouse, which includes a chapter on using internet tools to meet your mate. My thoughts on my Dad’s book were pretty much “I’ll sign up on a dating website when I’m 65 and still single or when hell freezes over, whichever comes first.”

So of course I met my husband on And of course our wedding date is the Feast of St. Thomas.

That’s right. The Doubter.

When several of my girlfriends started sharing about pure essential oils and how they were helping their families’ health and wellness in truly amazing ways, I totally ignored them. Well to be honest it went beyond that: I thought some of my girlfriends were going a bit crazy as they described never using medicine for colds or headaches anymore or not wanting to leave the house even to run an errand or take a walk without their essential oils in tow.

I mean, c’mon. Really?

And so I convinced myself without doing a stitch of research that essential oils were just the latest craze in the back-to-nature, organic, “granola crunchy mom” movement. I wasn’t feeling the urge to jump on the latest crazy bandwagon. Especially such an expensive one.

But then our family had a health issue that modern medicine could not cure, or even medicate successfully. A chronic illness that broke the Hubs and my hearts.

Mark, our oldest son, has suffered from debilitating allergies since he was about 16 months old. Every spring and fall, we literally go to battle for his health, trying everything we possibly can to give him some relief. When we moved to North Carolina in 2013, Mark’s allergies got worse, not better.

This past spring Mark’s allergies became our daily focus. He received two, if not three, showers daily. I washed his sheets every morning. I changed his clothes every time he came back in the house from even a few minutes outdoors. We tried every allergy medication, and none of them worked. In consult with two pediatricians, we started using a new allergy drug and giving a dose of Benadryl on top of it when Mark had an attack (which could happen just walking from the house to the car on our way to an indoor errand). Our windows were always shut, the AC was always running. And still, Mark was miserable. Coughing, sneezing, drippy nose, watery, itchy eyes that swelled up and almost shut sometimes.

At one point early this spring, I posted a picture of Mark with his eyes swelling shut on social media, and asked my friends to pray for Mark’s healing. In response I got several notes from friends asking me if we had tried essential oils to help with Mark’s allergies. Lavender was highly recommended.

And so I sent my husband to an all natural grocery store to buy essential oils for Mark. They did nothing to help him.

With a heart breaking for my son’s suffering and desperate for help, I received an invitation to attend a Young Living essential oils class taught by Deborah McKinney. Some of you may have read of Deborah recently on Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog. I still was a doubter about essential oils, but I went to the class anyway, desperate for any tidbit of advice that could help our sweet, suffering little boy.

The class was amazing. I learned so much about what an essential oil is, how it works, why all bottles labeled “essential oils” are not created equally, and also about which oils have been known to give specific relief to allergy sufferers. I learned that Young Living was the oldest company selling 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in the U.S., and that Gary Young, the founder, had actually coined the term “therapeutic grade” which is now widely used to identity pure unadulterated essential oils. I went home and told my husband “I think there might be something to this oils thing” and he replied “Do it. Just do it – sign up right away. For Mark’s sake we need to give it a try.” 

Y’all. I would never – ever – have imagined what a transformation could take place as a result of essential oils. Within a few days of topically applying the “allergy bomb” cocktail of oils to Mark (lavender, peppermint, and lemon) and diffusing those oils in our home (especially in his room and the playroom), he was remarkably better. The swelling went down, the coughing and sneezing started to dissipate. He started to sleep through the night.

Within 10 days of using Young Living essential oils in our home, Mark was off every. single. drug. All of it. The only things we continued to use were the Young Living essential oils – particularly the “allergy bomb” combination:


St. Thomas the Doubter’s little sister (aka me) was floored. Utterly blown away. I can still hardly believe it and I saw it happen before my eyes. Here in the full swing of Fall allergy season in North Carolina, I’m still seeing it (Mark hasn’t had a drop of allergy drugs this whole season – which is unheard of for him). Our windows have been open daily and Mark has played outside for hours every day.

Thanks to essential oils, we got our son back.

Here’s a picture of what Mark looked like last spring before we started using Young Living essential oils:


And here’s what he looked like last weekend when we took this picture:


Since Mark’s recovery from allergy suffering using the Young Living brand of essential oils, I’ve thrown myself into research, classes, reading, and learning about essential oils. I’ve asked Deborah and other “oily moms” a hundred thousand questions, and they’ve been awesome about answering them for me.

The advice I first received about essential oils use for allergies was that it didn’t matter what brand of oils I used, but I must say we did not find that to be true in our experience. We’ve tried oils from four different brands, including essential oils purchased from natural foods grocery stores, Amazon, and other direct marketing companies, and I can honestly say that we did not find relief for our son until we used Young Living oils. The purity of the oils and the “Seed to Seal” guarantee that nothing synthetic has been added or the oils diluted really does seem to influence it’s effectiveness – at least it very much did in our son’s case.

This year our family has used therapeutic grade essential oils in our home daily, with truly amazing results. We use oils to boost our immune systems and to avoid sickness. We use them for energy, weight loss, acne issues, and upset stomachs. We use them for burns, cuts, bruises, and all natural bug repellent. I’ve used them for stress relief, relaxation, anxiety and sleep issues relating to my post-partum depression (they’ve helped tremendously with PPD). We’ve recovered from the onset of the flu in less than 24 hours (besides Mark’s allergy recovery, getting over very bad colds/viruses at the speed of light has been the second biggest shock to me, the ultimate oils doubter).

I feel like our essential oils testimony is amazing, but the truth it it’s just one story among thousands. I have so many close friends whose families have benefited immensely from essential oils. Two very dear friends have found relief from debilitating fibromyalgia with Young Living oils. Several close friends have used these oils on their children for help with ADHD and sensory processing disorder. Two of my friends testify that using essential oils for sensory processing disorder has produced a night and day difference in their children’s behavior.

I hosted an oils class at my house last month, and a woman came who suffers from a long term sleeping disorder. After touching and smelling essential oils for just one evening at my home, she says she went home and had the best night’s sleep she’s had in six years. SIX YEARS! When she told me the next morning, I cried. These are major quality of life issues that people are finding help and relief from in a healthy, all natural way.


I recently signed up to start sharing Young Living essential oils myself, and teaching intro to oils classes. I’ve never felt the slightest urge to teach or sell anything before, but these oils have helped our family so very much that I want to share with other moms, other families, what it can do for them, too.

If you are interested in more information about Young Living Essential Oils, or would like to try some samples, please private message me at: stephanie dot weinert at yahoo dot com and I’d be happy to send you some oil samples and a little 24-page booklet that explains a succinct introduction to essential oils – what they are, how they work, and how to use them. If there’s a specific health issue you’re interested in oils to help with, please let me know that too so I can try to include samples of the oils that would most help you and your family.

If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, I’d love to send you samples of the “allergy bomb” oils to try. I only have a very limited supply to share, but I’ll send what I can if you contact me. I truly hope you find the relief and healing that our son has experienced with these oils.

I’m so grateful to our Creator for blessing us with natural means for supporting health and healing. I hope that by sharing my story here that those of you who are doubters like me will be inspired to at least give essential oils a try. I think you’ll be happily surprised that you did.

“Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.”  – Proverbs 27:9




  1. Steph that is so incredible, thank God! His poor little eye in that first pic…

  2. Thanks for this, Steph! I am so excited to start using these. I can’t believe the results you’ve had for Mark. Praise God!

  3. Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing! I’m so sorry your handsome little guy suffered so much with allergies, but I’m so thrilled his sweet Mama was so persistant to find him some relief and discoved Young Living Oils. What an amazing story! A close friend has been trying to tell me about these oils for a few years now and wants me to buy the book and the kit. I’m trying to convince Hubby we should buy them. Maybe your little booklet would help me convince him? I’m also going to send him the link to your story. I have so many issues it’s not even funny: hormone issues (pre-menopause now/endometriosis), anxiety, sleep issues, acne, sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp (can these oils help with this?), and of course severe asthma (I also probably have undiagnosed allergies too). The weather is getting colder down here and I feel my asthma getting worse. I have to break out the nebulizer and the medicine again, but I’d love to learn what essential oils might help, how to use them, ect. This asthma is very frustrating.

    Stephanie, thank you! Praying for you, your family, and your son!

    • Oh my, Maria – I think the oils could help you with SO many – if not all – of these issues. I’ll gladly send you the booklet, and some lavender. 🙂 God bless!

  4. Stephanie, thank you so much! You are so sweet! I am going to convince my husband that we need to buy the kit and book. Learning so much from you! Thank you! God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  5. Poor little guy! That’s amazing he’s doing so much better!

  6. I really enjoyed your article! What an amazing oil testimony. I have a friend suffering with fibromyalga. I ordered her some progessence plus which she is about to start using, but I was wondering if you could find out and share what your friend used. Thank you! 🙂

    • Yes I’ll find out and let you know!

      • Well thank you for the prompt reply! 🙂

  7. Totally amazing! Thank you Jesus! We love the oils too!

  8. […] There is so much to be thankful for. Reflecting on all of the blessings God showered my family with this year, my husband and I both agree that learning about essential oils was one of the most shocking and life changing blessings we experienced. Truly, we are both so thankful that God placed friends in our lives who introduced us to essential oils, especially so that we could help our son recover from a chronic illness. (You can read his story here). […]

  9. So glad to hear your son is better! YL really is the best! 🙂

  10. Can’t wait the try to EO’s!

  11. The change is amazing! I love how something so natural had a huge impact for him.

  12. I’ve been looking at essential oils for awhile. I have a few questions. What oils do you use for PPD? I have a little one with horrible reflux, would you recommend using EO’s on him? What about for cradle cap? Thanks for your info.

    • Hi Katie! For cradle cap, lavender rubbed gently in with coconut oil is amazing. For reflux, I’ll have look in my reference guide for you – how old is the baby? For PPD, I use several: frankincense, cedarwood, and the blends Stress Away and Joy. I can speak first hand that essential oils are a life saver for PPD. They’ve changed my quality of life that’s for sure. If I had to pick one, I’d say frankincense is the best for PPD. All the oils I mentioned except cedarwood come in Young Living’s Starter Kit. Let me know if I can help with more questions!

      • I’ll email you! Thanks!

      • Did you get my email?

      • Yes will write you back tonight! Thanks Katie!

  13. What a great testimony to these oils. I have been meaning to get a starter kit for a long time and this is good motivation. What oils are best for acne and diaper rash?

    • Hi Kim! There are several great oils for acne. I have a lot of post partum acne issues and I use the blend Purification, and the single oils tea tree, and frankincense, on my face daily with coconut oil as the carrier oil. They’ve made a world of difference. For diaper rash, lavender and the blend melrose mixed with coconut oil works amazingly well (I use the same for baby excema). Message me if you have more questions, I’d love to help! 🙂

  14. Visiting from Jenny’s giveaway. I love EOs and I love this story! St. Thomas is persistent, eh? Blessings to you and your family!

  15. I just emailed you about our family’s issues with allergies. Thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope that we can find relief too.

  16. From another skeptic, this is an incredible story…definitely gives me hope that I may be able to find some natural relief. 🙂

  17. So interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Amazing that EOs have made such a difference for your family.

  19. Would love to learn more about essential oils- excited about his giveaway!

  20. A friend of mine is always going on about oils and specifically YLO, so I might need to jump on this bandwagon!

    • Haha hope you check them out! Message me if you’d like an info kit and samples!

  21. Hi, I love your blog about your son’s allergies. My entire reason for using YL oils is to gey my kids off all their allergy meds. I do diffuse lavender, lemon and peppermint in their rooms. Will you please tell me other ways you applied this combo/allergy bomb and any other allergy info you don’t mind passing on! Thanks so much!

    • Laura email me and I’ll be happy to help you (my yahoo is in the blog post). 🙂

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  23. […] you should totally read her story. The her son’s recovery from debilitating allergies is […]

  24. […] oils to treat Mark’s allergies topically, and I wrote about our amazing success with that here,  However I later began to appreciate the enormous impact diffused essential oils had in killing […]

  25. […] I read my friend Stephanie’s story of her son’s debilitating allergies and how Young Living Essential Oils changed her family’s lives. I messaged her that day to […]

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