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Overdue Update on Life Lately


I feel like a stranger to my blog lately.  I think the “hands free (ish) Mama” moments are good for me every now and then, but truth is I’ve missed y’all!

So while nap time is under way I thought I’d pound out a little update on life lately around here.

1. I haven’t had time to blog lately because I’ve agreed to collaborate on a few projects for others this Fall. It’s made my free time for blogging a bit scarcer, but it’s also been really fun. I have an article coming out in CCL’s Family Foundations Magazine, the Wedding Edition (I’ll update with more details this winter), and the KofC website Fathers For Good is featuring my husband and me as guest writers for the month of November (I’ll keep you posted as those articles go live next month). I’m also writing my talk for a mom’s conference coming up, and I’m helping with another mom’s conference here in Charlotte next week…so a bit crazy busy and a lot crazy fun. :o)

2. On our weekend “at home date nights” the Hubs and I have been watching the AMC series The Killing. We love detective shows and this one has really kept us guessing on the “who done it” part. We just finished season 2, and it had us on edge with our guess work – we really enjoyed it.

3. We’ve discovered that Charlotte and the surrounding Carolinas has awesome pumpkin patches and apple orchards this time of year. We’ve been to so many this fall I’m losing count, but it’s been our Saturday morning activity throughout September and October, and the boys have loved it. We have three enormous pumpkins sitting on our front porch, all ready for carving this afternoon. Last year I wrote how in our neighborhood we’re the only house without “degradations”…so we’re working on that (wink).

4. I mentioned last spring that my family had just started using pure essential oils to help with some on-going health issues with our kids. I promised to blog our results and haven’t done so yet. Cliff Notes version is essential oils played an epic role in our family’s health this year. Truly, they have blown me away. Next week I’m hoping I can pound out our story, because I’m dying to share it with you.


I posted this picture on social media this week in preparation for an essential oils intro class I hosted at our house Wednesday night. Several of you have been private messaging me your questions and requests for more info – please keep it coming! I’m so happy to chat with you about oils – I love sharing our story.

5. We started homeschooling our eldest, Mark, this fall and it’s been a blast. Sure, there are hard days and days I’m ready to sign him up for anyone’s classroom besides mine, but most days I’m truly in awe of what a gift it is to be the one who has front row seat as he learns. Each new “BOB Book ” he completes, each new reading lesson or math worksheet he accomplishes – I feel like jumping up and down with pride and joy. It’s just amazing to be a teacher, but most especially his teacher. I’m surprised by how much I love it. I feel like my free time has flown out the window for good (Jillian Michaels, we can still be friends someday, promise!), but in the grande scheme of things, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice – I feel blessed to have this front row seat right now.

6. Future BOYMOMS, take note: : one of the best parts about having three boys in a row is that you can take each of their pictures in the same Autumn outfit, around the same age, in three different years and have this cuteness on your family room shelf:


6. Do you follow MyQuillan Smith’s blog The Nesting Place? For the month of October she’s doing daily vignette posts on little decorating ideas and inspirations for the home. I’ve loved it! Worth going back and reading them if you’ve missed it. She’s been my inspo for Fall decorating. After reading one of her October posts, I grabbed some berry branches from my backyard and some free fall printables from Pinterest, and I had instant (free) Autumn in my family room. Doesn’t look too bad for “free” does it?


7. This month I got to check an item off my “bucket list.” I told my husband when we were dating that I wanted to attend a NASCAR race once before I died…just wanted to experience it in person and see what all the Southern fuss was about. Thanks to free tix from Peter’s awesome boss, I got to see the Bank of America 500 race this month! It blew me away. Truly, I have so much respect for the sport, the drivers and their teams after seeing a race in person. And I have to say – the fans were hilarious and so much fun. Kentucky Derby, checking you off the list is next!



8. Elizabeth Foss recently inspired me to read the book What Alice Forgot. I’m almost finished, and I think it’s definitely worth your time, whether you’re married or single. Much to ponder and file away from this novel by Liane Moriarty.

9. I have to share a story from earlier today. I took the kids to the mall to have their portraits taken in Christmas outfits, and afterwards I took them to the food court for a Chick Fil A treat lunch. While I ordered the food, I told my 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old they could pick a table in the food court for us. They picked the closest empty table, but it only had two chairs around it. I turned around with our food to find my 4-year-old dragging another chair across the room and my 2-yr-old dragging a high chair. “We got the chairs for you and Rett, Mommy!” they shouted as I walked over. I couldn’t believe what thoughtful gentlemen they were – it totally melted me. Then Luke proceeded to lead us all in prayer, taking extra time to make sure Baby Rett did the sign of the cross properly. And on our way back through the mall to the car, Luke tripped and wanted to be carried, so Mark pushed his baby brother in the stroller all the way across the mall and through the parking lot so I could carry Luke. If he had asked for an extra large CFA milkshake in that moment, I think I probably would’ve said yes.

10. Life hasn’t been all pumpkins and milkshakes around here. That’s an understatement, but for this post I’m going to keep it on the happy side and refrain from regaling you with stories of the wife calling the husband at 11:37am, sobbing into the phone about how she is a terrible mother and can’t handle three toddlers on her own and by the way is it 5:00 o’clock yet….we’ll save that for anther day. Or not, if you’re lucky. ;o)

Love and miss y’all and hope to blog more often very soon. Happy Friday, Happy Halloween, and Happy All Saints and All Souls Day weekend!

XO, Steph

PS. Can’t help it, here’s an Instagram photo dump of some recent pictures. Follow me on Instagram @stephanieweinert for more Bear Cub meets Pumpkin cuteness.











(Hmm….maybe I could pass this off for a “Quick Takes” and link up with my new favorite radio host?)



  1. Love all the pictures, Steph, and such a cute idea to take same age/ outfit picts!

  2. Stephanie, I really enjoyed your latest posts and all the cute pictures of your handsome boys. Wish we lived closer. I have been a daycare/preschool teacher for twenty six years. If we lived closer, I would volunteer to come over to help you with your boys (You could homeschool Mark and I could entertain your two other boys or I could run around with them outside while Mama has a few moments to herself inside.). Wish I could. Your blog, the pictures, and your stories of motherhood make me smile. Thank you.

    Happy All Saints Day! I think you are a wonderful Mama and doing a GREAT job with your boys! I will be busy praying for you and your family! You CAN do this, Stephanie – I know you can! You’re already doing super raising those boys with your husband! You are one blessed woman!

    PS. Looking forward to learning more about essential oils and hearing your story. Can’t wait to hear! Also, how about another curly hair post sometime soon? Maybe we can trade some tips?

    May God Bless you and your beautiful family!


  3. Steph, what cuties you have! Love all the pictures!

  4. I’ve missed you! Glad all is well. Being out numbered by the toddlers is tough. I wonder what I did when I didn’t have the big kids to help! Anxious to hear more about the oils too. I finished What Alice Forgot too. So nice to have a good book to look forward after a long day!

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