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The Art of Being a Woman (ABW)


I had promised to write about our family’s favorite living books and read-aloud children stories today, but that was before I remembered that today is the official launch of a project that I believe in, have prayed for, and waited for with anticipation and excitement for SO LONG. I am so excited that I just can’t wait another day to share it with you. The book lists for kids will have to wait. ;o)

Y’all, my longtime friend January Donovan has been working on a ministry to women for years, and today she officially launched her website and her ministry with the world. It’s called The Art of Being a Woman (ABW for short).

I’ll tell you about ABW, but first, let me tell you a bit about January Donovan.


It was a cold winter Maryland evening and I was a newlywed, 2nd trimester swollen with my firstborn. I sat at January’s kitchen island, sipping tea and listening to Jan laugh and tell tales from her pregnancies and labors, getting teary eyed as she told a story of her 2-yr-old daughter’s bedtime antics, beaming with pride as she talked about her oldest son growing and learning so quickly. I looked around the Donovan house and saw love, laughter, order, and beauty. And that’s when I knew: this is what I dream of for my own family.

Of all the women in my acquaintance, Jan Donovan is at the very top of my list of women I want to be like. She is gorgeous – but not just on the outside. She is kind, funny, humble, selfless, and truly has a heart for her family and for her sisters in Christ.

January has impeccable taste in fashion, and yet I love that she shops on a budget and doesn’t feel the need to spend extravagantly to look beautiful. One time I asked her where her accent necklace was from, thinking surely it was one of those $85 JCrew pieces. I just loved her reply “It was $9.00 at Burlington Coat Factory!

In my limited experience as a Catholic mother, I have found that many women feel the need – almost a compulsion – to put their children first in the order of things. It’s an easy temptation, since children are so needy, so demanding of our time and attention. But in the order of grace, God created husband and wife to put their spouse first – the good of the marriage first – and our children second. Over the years January’s example has taught me and reminded me of this truth. She puts her husband Ryan first, and is his champion, his helpmate, and friend in every way. Her happy, adorable children are cared for and loved out of the overflow of January and Ryan’s commitment to each other.  I’ve learned so much from witnessing their beautiful marriage.

I think I’ve mentally adopted January Donovan as my big sister in Christ whom I want to be like. I just love her to pieces.

And it is with a heart full of gratefulness for her courage, her transparency, and her love for other women that I share with you the launch of her ministry, The Art of Being a Woman.

Spread the word, and let’s journey with January together in a discovery of the art of being a woman.


PS. I stole this info from Jan’s website, to give you a picture of what ABW is:

What is the vision of the ABW Project?

  1. Formation for women to be whole.
  2. Transformation of our culture.
  3. Reformation of this world.
  4. Collaboration along the journey.
  5. Reclaiming our worth.

How does the ABW Project Work?

  1. Sign Up on the Website for a FREE WEEKLY TRAINING VIDEO.
  2. Begin with the Free 4 Part Video series.
  3. You will receive a weekly training Video on your mailbox.
  4. Watch it on your time.  Share it.
  5. Future online in depth training programs will be available.

What will the training videos do?

  1. Give us practical application in our daily life.
  2. Build awareness and present women with “options”.
  3. Clarify and simplify basic concepts about being a woman.
  4. Give specific homework and training.
  5. Create wholesome relationships with ourselves and the people around us.

Sign up today for the weekly videos here



  1. January sounds wonderful! Look forward to seeing this project flourish 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stephanie – thanks for telling us about this. Question: is this just for women who are Mamas or can others join too? Thank you!

    Maria <—wife (and wanted to be a Mama, but can't due to endometriosis treated too late)

    • Hi Maria, it’s for ALL women. – single or married. God bless you!

  3. Reblogged this on rhisbeloved's Blog and commented:
    January was one of the RAs in my dorm in college & even back then she was so full of wisdom, humility, & femininity that I, like this blogger, “adopted her as a big sister to look up to” and emulate.

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