Posted by: littlebitofparadise | July 30, 2014

My Trip to EDEL and Texas Forever


Y’all who follow me on social media know that I spent this past weekend in Austin, TX for “The EDEL Gathering,” an event for moms in the trenches of motherhood. I can’t really call it a retreat or a conference, even though it had elements of both…it was really a mom party. A chance to relax, unwind, socialize, party, and of course be encouraged and inspired by amazing women and incredible talks.

It was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced since becoming a mom.

I’m still processing all of the ways EDEL changed and inspired me. I don’t feel ready to type any of that into words. Hopefully someday. In the meantime, go read my new friend Sarah’s post about EDEL. I was so happy to meet Sarah and spend time with her over the weekend. We even got to share a cab back to the airport. She put words to my heart for EDEL much better than I ever could.

In addition to all the wonderful things Sarah wrote about in her Edel post, here are some highlights of the weekend for me:

  • Reconnecting with my sweet friend Sarah (Bauer) Sansone. We haven’t seen each other in about ten years, but five minutes and a latte and it was as if we’d never been apart. (Pictured at top with our breakfast burritos. Thank you, Taco Shack!)
  • Austin knows how to  make a margarita. Seriously, they were so good. And the guac….amazing! Sarah and I learned from our fireman waiter Friday night that the secret to off the charts guacamole was squeezing an orange and a lime into it. And he said if possible always use cherry tomatoes – they’re sweeter.
  • Kathryn Whitaker of Team Whitaker took Sarah, Bonnie of A Knotted Life, and I to lunch on Friday for REAL Texas BBQ and it was awesome. It was also Bonnie’s birthday so of course we went for Sonic drinks after lunch. Meeting Kathryn and Bonnie in real life, after following their lives on their blogs for so long, was such a joy. Love them both to pieces.



  • Some of you know I have a huge #boymom crush on Susan Husband of the blog Sole Searching Mama. She encourages and inspires me so much. Just loved chatting with her and snuggling her newborn, Joey, who is even cuter in real life!
  • I’ve wanted to meet Jenny of Mama Needs Coffee for forever. Her younger sister is one of my besties and I feel like I’ve known Jenny for years. It was so great to finally hug her in real life. And her little Evie really IS Evie Doll. The most doll like angel of a baby ever to behold.
  • Aaannnnnd, did you hear who won first prize for the craziest shoes at the Friday night “Cocktails and Crazy Shoes” event? It would be that blonde on the far left of the picture, sporting her boymom Sheriff’s badge necklace, toy soldier bracelet, and boymom toy shoes (I also glued Hot Wheels to my earrings but they were too heavy to keep on for more than five seconds). Grand prize was a $400 Lily Jade diaper bag and the winner just might have squealed out loud, jumped up and down, and stuck her face in the real leather to inhale for the rest of the weekend. 😉

edel3Me, Kimberly, Heather (Mama Knows Honeychild), Kelly (This Ain’t the Lyceum), Cate (Dainty Cate), Jennifer (Conversion Diary) and Hallie (Moxie Wife). Our friend Dweej is also hiding in this pic…maybe you can spot her. 





Edel Mamas – I feel like y’all are sister souls and friends for life. Thank you. 

I’m so grateful to Hallie Lord and Jen Fulwiler for putting on the Edel Gathering. Here’s to hoping there will be another one in 2015! Start saving your pennies now for a ticket, Mama friends. Because Edel will change you and encourage you… in ways you didn’t even know you needed to be changed and encouraged.



P.S. A big Texas-sized thank you to the best husband in the whole world who took on three bear cubs for three days by himself so I could attend Edel. Babe…you rock my world.




  1. So good to meet you Stephanie! Glad you were there!

  2. So your shoes were awesome! So glad you won. Would love to have connected, but now we are electronically connected and can meet up at edel15!

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