Posted by: littlebitofparadise | July 16, 2014

My Favorite Daily Lifelines for the Wild Ride (aka Motherhood)


“The glory of motherhood comes camouflaged in so much chaos.”

– Lisa-Jo Baker, Surprised by Motherhood


I feel like I’ve been a mom long enough that I shouldn’t be shocked by how hard this vocation is, but gee whiz

Some days I feel that motherhood is like water skiing off the back of my Dad’s boat on a Carolina lake, and he’s behind the wheel going just as fast and zig-zaggy as he possibly can, trying his best to knock me off that line and give me a nice long drink of lake water. (Dad likes to see what we’re made of when it comes to water sports ;0) 

The energy my three little men put out in a day is utterly amazing. And totally demanding of everything I have to give and everything I didn’t even know I had in me to give. It’s wow stuff. You mamas know what I’m talking about, which is a good thing because I feel like there are no words to adequately describe this wild ride.

It is exhilarating, and exciting, and the best thing I’ve ever experienced. But it also sucks me dry, drives me to my knees, and humbles me beyond measure at my own inadequacies and weaknesses.

This morning I was thinking about the things that help me decompress, de-stress, and keep my inner chi at a healthy place amidst the crazy. These are my go-to’s for immediate relief during the day. They don’t have the same effect as a quiet night with a good book once the kids are in bed, date nights with my guy, a girl’s night out, an ice cold margarita…but these things are readily at my fingertips and help me keep the cool and the calm when I’d rather explode or run away or pour myself a glass of wine at, say, 10:30 in the not nighttime.

1. Praise and Worship Music. 

P&W music has a way of calming my spirit and placing my thoughts in a good place like few things do. I have several Pandora stations that are my quick go-to, but my favorite is anything and everything by Christy Nockels (and the duo Watermark). Love her voice, love her lyrics.

As soon as breakfast is over, I crank up the P&W music while I’m getting kids dressed, cleaning the kitchen, doing morning chores. It’s usually a chaotic time in our day, and the music helps keep my heart in the right place

2. Walks with the Jogging Stroller


I have a triple jogging stroller made by Mountain Buggy Urban. It’s the best purchase I’ve made since becoming a mom of three (thank you Craigslist!). When the kids are cranky, when we’ve got tantrums going down, or if I just need a break, I load them all up and off we go on a long walk. Sometimes multiple times a day. My boys love being on walks and I love the exercise, so it’s a win all around.

3. Sunshine 

I grew up on the coast of Florida and sunshine is in my blood. It makes me so SO happy. If it’s been a rough day, I throw skimpy clothes on and go sit in the sun for at least ten minutes as soon as everyone is down for their nap. The vitamin D and the warmth can knock even the foulest mood out of my system and rejuvenate me more than coffee.

4. Texting the Hubs

If we’ve got a doozy of a situation going down at the house, I text my husband and ask him for prayer. I used to think texting him the hardships of the daily grind was complaining, but I no longer think so. Peter and I are a team when it comes to raising this gang, and God has equipped him with the grace to help and encourage me more than anyone else. So I text for prayer and he texts back encouragement and starts praying. And it’s my lifeline.

5. Natural Stress Relievers

I use two natural stress relievers for when I’m about to blow my top. Both of these are all natural without any addictive qualities or side effects, and they help me calm down, feel peaceful, and diffuse my stress when it’s at an unhealthy place.

The first is Rescue Remedy, made from five flower essences. I use both the dropper and the spray version and I love both.

The second is the oil blend “Stress Away” from Young Living essential oils. I roll the oil on the back of my palms and it’s a natural soothing relief within minutes.

6. Working Out. 

Whether it’s Jillian, a CrossFit workout, or going on a run, working out is the bomb.


Those are my best go-to’s for hanging on tight for the ride of the daily crazy.

Now tell me – please oh please! What are yours?



  1. I love the idea of asking my husband for prayers when I text him about a particularly hard day. I’m definitely going to remember that one. I’m also excited to look into the Rescue Remedy and Stress Away. You got me hooked on Tsh Oxenreider and I suspect you’re going to get me more into essential oils soon :-).

    • Yay for Tsh Oxenreider! Have you read “Organized Simplicity?” Tearing through that one now – it’s so inspiring!

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