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{Local Notes Charlotte} The Billy Graham Library

{Local Notes: The Hubs and I are trying to be more consistent and creative with taking our gang on frequent “adventures.” I’ve decided to share some of our newest local discoveries here, because even though most of you are not local to Charlotte, many of these adventures can be found wherever you live. (And if not, come visit!!!)}

The Billy Graham Library  – Charlotte, NC


You probably know his preaching and teaching have reached the far corners of the world, and that he’s affectionately called “America’s Pastor,” but did you know Billy Graham was the son of a dairy farmer from Charlotte, North Carolina? The house he grew up in was on Park Road, just down the street from where our family attends church today.

The Billy Graham Library, located here in Charlotte, is a shrine to the man who gave his life to Jesus, and led so many others into a relationship with their Heavenly Father. You’ll walk through Billy’s life, starting from his childhood on a Charlotte dairy farm, traveling to Los Angeles and the place and time where Billy gave his life to Jesus, and then on through his journey of faith.

This past weekend, my family visited the Billy Graham Library for the first time, along with Grandpa and Grandma Weinert, who were visiting from Pennsylvania.


Of course, my sons’ favorite part of the day was meeting Bessie, the talking cow who kicks off the multimedia tour that chronicles Billy’s life. My kiddos couldn’t get enough of the cow, and probably would’ve stayed at Bessie’s fence all day if the milk wagon and milk truck weren’t close by to explore. [By the way, the staff could.not.possibly. have been nicer to us with our gang of little ones in tow. So helpful and conscientious, making sure the boys got to see and touch everything. Such a blessing!]


The tour of the Library (aka Big Red Barn) doesn’t take too long, and it ends right next to the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar, where you can have a delicious lunch or a yummy ice cream cone. My boys loved the Graham Brothers Chocolate Milk (the first chocolate milk they’ve ever tasted – helloooo whole new world!)

Ruth Bell Graham is buried on the grounds, and you can visit her grave site. You can also walk through Billy’s childhood home, which was moved from Park Road to the Library grounds several years ago.

Before our recent visit, I had imagined the Library was a place you went to once, or when you had guests in town who wanted a tourist jaunt, but I’ve learned that’s not the case. The Library grounds and pathways are GORGEOUS, and I think it will be a great destination for the boys and I to go spend a morning walking the paths and running (them not me) through the fields.

Of course, since the Library is totally free of charge, when we visit again we’ll have to take a stop inside the barn to say hi to Bessie. And to sample some of that yummy chocolate milk I suppose. ;o)

To my Protestant readers: come visit the Library to learn more about the man who influenced the faith of so many in our country.

And to my Catholic readers: I believe every single one of us needs to visit the Billy Graham Library. We need to see his life in action and be inspired, challenged, encouraged…maybe even receive a little kick in the pants.

Because each of us is called to live the Great Commission with the same fervor and zeal as Billy Graham. Each of us is called to love Jesus and people as much as he did.

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  1. adorable!

  2. That looks like fun! When I was visiting my sister in Manassas, VA last year we went to Frying Pan Farm. I was glad the little ones could see a real live cow. We live in the city now; it’s been 6 years since we lived in rural NH, which was the last time we saw one. The older kids were 7, 5, 3, and 1 when we moved. Btw, I’m wondering whether I went to school with your brother-in-law. (I graduated from Christendom College in 1999.) I don’t know whether you want to reply in this forum or not, if at all! My e-mail is

  3. Can I smooch those cheeks??? I have the travel bug BAD. Bookmarking your page should I ever wander my way to Charlotte!

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