Posted by: littlebitofparadise | May 8, 2014

Ten Minutes a Day…The Fabulous Advice She Gave Me


My Mom sometimes tells a little story or shares a tidbit of motherhood wisdom that always turns out to be the best. advice. ever. I’m a lucky daughter AND a lucky mama to have my mom around.

Recently Mom shared a suggestion that has become such an enjoyable part of my daily routine. She suggested that I set aside ten minutes to read something. Anything. For ten minutes a day.

Mom agreed that it’s hard to find time to read consistently when you’re a mom to Littles, but she said that even if I only can read for 10 minutes in a day, I’m still making progress in a book or a magazine. And eventually, I’ll finish that book and will pick up another one. And that other one will eventually get read cover to cover, even if it’s only in ten minute increments a day.

Well well well. After only two weeks of burying my nose in a book for ten minutes or so every afternoon, I can honestly say that this has become a much anticipated, much enjoyed part of my daily routine.

If I can get all three kids to nap at the same time (even if the baby only naps for a few minutes…he’s a horrible afternoon napper), I’ll grab a glass of iced tea, go out to my front porch, and read for ten minutes in the sun.

It is DELIGHTFUL. It’s therapeutic. And it feels like I’m actually using my brain (not that it doesn’t take brains to change diapers and make toddler lunches…But. You know. ;o)

I’ve loved to read books ever since I was little (The homeschooled 4th grader who hid her Nancy Drew book behind the Saxon Math book so her mom thought she was really doing math? Oh yeah. That was me), and it’s been one of the hardest hobbies to keep up with since I became a mom. But this ten minutes a day thing – it works! And I’m actually reading whole books again, even if it is very slowly.

This week I’m reading Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson (WOW. Just wow.) I started the book on Monday and I’m about 80 pages in…which means by the end of next week I’ll be choosing another title. Slowest book finisher EVER, but at least I’m reading something other than my Bloglovin feed on my smartphone while I feed and rock my baby.

If any of you moms find reading whole books hard to fit into life, I hope you try 10 minutes tomorrow. And the next day. And then don’t forget to come back here and recommend the books you loved to yours truly. I’m working on a long reading wish list these days. 




  1. I love that advice! It sounds like such a good idea and totally doable! I’m currently doing a thesis for a Masters Degree and I find myself reading ALOT of academic papers etc but reading for the sake of reading sounds nice.

  2. I have been wanting to read this. 🙂 I recently shared your blog on my site for a Liebster Award

  3. […] to “read more books and less blogs.” The idea really struck a cord with me, since I had found a way to re-connect with my first love (books), and had a stack of library books as tall as me sitting […]

  4. Hi Stephanie, I’m posting here since it’s a “family” question. A few years ago you and your husband wrote an article about things that you found surprisingly easy or hard about being newly married. You said something that stuck with me about your communication changing with your mother and your sisters–from socializing/sharing primarily with them to socializing/sharing predominantly with your new husband. You described a sort of loneliness and “strange kind of grieving” mixed in with your happiness as a new wife. I found that interesting. I’m not married, but my sister recently married, and I remembered your comments. I’m wondering if you would be open to describing how your relationships with sisters, etc., have grown and changed over the years and how you adjusted to being married women who are still close to each other. I know that’s kind of personal, but I’ve enjoyed your recent reflections on growing in motherhood and would appreciate your insights into nurturing lots of important relationships in new ways and circumstances.

  5. […] my “spare” time (ha – I know) I read, I (try to) workout from home, I cook awesome “man food” recipes, I paint and repaint […]

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