Posted by: littlebitofparadise | April 9, 2014

{Local Notes Charlotte} “Cars and Coffee” and “Touch a Truck”

Long lazy breakfasts, house and lawn projects, errands, and worship are always part of our family’s weekends together. One thing the Hubs and I are trying to be more consistent and creative with are taking the gang on frequent weekend “adventures.”

I thought I’d share some of our newest adventure discoveries here, because even though most of my readers are not local to Charlotte NC, many of these adventures can be found wherever you live. These outings meet with one million percent toddler boy approval, and my guess is little girls would find them exciting too.

Adventure #1: Touch a Truck (Charlotte NC)

Touch a Truck is a family fun day that comes to communities across the country, to raise funds for a local foundation or ministry (the Charlotte Touch a Truck accepted donations for Habitat for Humanity). The event is free and there’s a suggested donation to the sponsored organization (Habitat) of $20 per family. Trucks of all varieties park in a lot so that kids can crawl all over them, pretend to drive them, and meet and greet the vehicle’s drivers. Firetrucks. Ambulances. Dump trucks. Cement mixers. SWAT armored vehicles. Boats. Race Cars. You get the idea.

Needless to say, our boys LOVED it. Here are some highlights:














You can Google “Touch a Truck” to see when the event is coming to your area. We’ve penciled in June 7th to our calendar when Touch a Truck comes to my parents’ hometown, Greenville SC!

Adventure #2: Cars and Coffee (Charlotte NC)

Cars and Coffee (Charlotte website HERE) is a gathering of area car lovers on the first Saturday of the month. Basically everyone parks their souped-up, super cool and old-fashioned vehicles in a huge empty parking lot located next to an old diner, and people come from all over town to admire the cars, shoot the bull, and drink coffee.

The event is totally free and to open to all. There’s a concession stand that sells coffee, bagels, and snacks, but you can also bring your own.

Can you imagine how much my toddler sons loved walking up and down the lanes of their parked dream vehicles? They were in automobile heaven.

Here are some candids from our Saturday morning. (You’ll  notice Bear Cub #2 is covering his ears in a bunch of pictures. That’s because the monster truck arrived while I was snapping pics and it was a little loud for Luke’s taste ;o)








If you happen to be in Charlotte on a Saturday morning from April-October, I hope you’ll swing by Cars and Coffee and share a hot beverage with me.

…Because I’m pretty darn sure that’s where this Boymom will be. ;0)





  1. Awesome pics!! My two boys would love those events too!

  2. Oh my gosh the matching stripes are SO cute…I can’t stand it! 😉

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