Posted by: littlebitofparadise | April 3, 2014

The Art of Contentment

Last weekend, I met the sweetest girl. The Hubs babysat the boys so I could go out for a girl’s lunch with fellow bloggers here in Charlotte, hosted by Natalie (The Busy Budgeting Mama) and Mandy (House of Rose). I had no idea that Carrie McQuaid, the artist behind Caroline G. Jewelry, was going to be driving down from Raleigh to attend. Until she sat down at lunch right across from me.

I was wearing one of her designs – a mint green bubble necklace.

I’m wearing one of your pieces!” I said to her with surprise as we introduced ourselves. “I noticed!” she replied with laugh.


While I’ve been a fan of Carrie’s jewelry for a long time (every time I wear one of her statement jewelry pieces around town, I always get stopped for compliments. Her pieces are so bright and cheerful and add a punch to any outfit), I really didn’t know much about Carrie as a person. It was really neat to have a chance to get to know her a bit at the luncheon.

We talked about the art of contentment. Carrie explained that over the years, she’s trained herself, through careful discipline, to not compare herself to others, but instead to be content with where the Lord has placed her right here, right now.

She told me it used to be easy for her to be envious of someone else’s success – whether it be a speaking engagement, a book deal, success in business, friendships, or dating relationships. But now, she said, she’s learned that none of that is worth being jealous or envious over because that’s not what God has planned for her life right now. His plan for her is perfect – and it’s different from every other girl’s life.

We talked about how FREEING it is to live in the moment with contentment, not longing for what we don’t have right now, but living with joy and happiness at what we do have – where He has placed us.

It’s a game changer. It’s a life changer.

How awesome would it be if all of us women could live with a little bit more contentment. God has blessed each of us with so many unique gifts and blessings. It’s so refreshing to our spirits when we can truly rejoice for a sister in Christ who has attained success and blessings, even if those same things do not come our way. It promotes joy. And happiness. And greater bonds of sisterhood.

I’m so grateful I had a chance to meet Carrie in person. Even though it was only for a few hours at a lunch, she inspired my life and gave me lots of positive things to think about.

In case any of y’all are interested, Carrie’s jewelry designs can be found here. She’s about to go on a 2-month sabbatical to re-brand her business, so she’s selling the remainder of all her jewelry designs at 60% off this weekend. There are only a few designs left but still some good ones! I bought three more of her necklaces last night and can’t wait to wear them this summer. (Use code “SEEYOUSOON” at checkout to get the 60% off discount).



PS. This is not a sponsored post – Carrie has no idea I wrote this. All of the Caroline G. Jewelry I own I purchased myself…What can I say, the Hubs doesn’t mind when I help out with stocking stuffers and Easter basket ideas for Moi. 😉







  1. I so needed this message right now. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for your blog–God always seems to “speak” to me through your posts!!

  2. Love it! Living in the moment…awesome stuff and nice jewelry!

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