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Five of YOUR Favorites…Beauty/Fashion


Girlfriends, I wish you all had a blog. Because as much as I love sharing some of my favorite things with you, sometimes I wish I could text each of you – or, read your blog – and ask you about your Fav’s.

Such as…

1. What’s the best curling iron for wavy/loose curly hair? I think my current curling iron is from 1996. And its’ about to go where curling irons go to die. The new thing seems to be curling wands vs. irons. Is the wand the way to go for the more beachy wave look? I think Anna would say yes.

2. What’s your favorite shaving razor? With spring (finally…I hope) here, I’m realizing how much I hate the current razor brand I’m using and I need to try something new.

3. I love cute shoes but even more than cute ones, I love comfy ones. All about the comfy, especially since I’m usually carrying around a kid or three. I’m in the market for some new summer kicks. Thinking a pair of Jack Rogers should be my Mother’s Day/Anniversary/Because-I’m-awesome-and-you-love-me-forever-bat-eyes-wink wish list for the Hubs for this summer. I’ve never owned a pair of Jacks. Are they as amazing as “they” say (you know, those people who say every Southern girl needs a pair of Jacks for her summer wardrobe)? Or should I be moving a pair of something else up to the top of my summer shoe wish list?

4. The ultimate lipstick. Does it exist? Not lip gloss, but a full, deep, old fashioned stick. With full color and everything. I’m such a lip gloss girl that lipsticks are quite the foreign territory for me. I know I’ll need something super moist to like it – I don’t like dry cake-y lips(sticks). I’ve been stalking Kate’s blog for ideas but honestly, she has so many lipstick recommendations I’m kinda overwhelmed.

5. Dry shampoo. I’ve only tried the Suave brand because a girlfriend recommended it as shockingly amazing for the price, but my hair absolutely hated it. I’m sorta kinda maybe open to trying a different brand, though, since the concept of spraying something on your hair to make it look washed when it’s actually not sounds…amazing. Not very practical for a stay at home mom like me who has hours of leisurely time to myself in the bathroom every single morning. But what the heck – a girl can always find a use for dry shampoo at some point I suppose. ;o)

Hope y’all share your fav’s! I would love to read your advice.

Happy hump day!

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  1. Stopping over from Hallie’s. My favorite razor is the Gillette Fusion Proglide. It is awesome. Here’s a good piece of advice I got . . .Don’t use the same razor on your armpits as your legs. Shave your armpits with a cheap, disposable razor. It works way better, and it helps your leg razor to stay sharper longer. You also want to use a single blade on your pits because it decreases the pull and tug which can lead to ingrown hairs. TMI? Maybe, but I hope it helps.

    • Wow I’ve never heard that about razors before. Awesome advice! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Lisa elderigde for makeup – google her – she has some fantastic videos; as for razors – I use Gillette fusion – a mans razor and have never gone back to disposable or a woman razor – as for shoes DSW sale rack?

  3. Eldridge*

  4. I have about 6 lipsticks in my purse right now, so I’ll chime in on that one. The most moisturizing lipstick I’ve used is Maybelline Color Whisper. It doesn’t stay on for a really long time, but it feels really good! My daily go-to is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (ridiculously long name). It stays on for at least 6-7 hours without drying my lips out at all (though it does work a little better with chapstick underneath). The caveat is that the colors come out a little differently than the tube indicates, so it might be a good idea to buy from a store with a good return policy (CVS or RiteAid will take anything -used or unused – back).

    • Sweet! Thank you Holly!! I didn’t realize cvs still took used makeup back. I’ll have to try that Revlon out. 🙂

  5. I just have to say that was one great piece of advice you gave way back about the man’s razor being better to use 🙂 And that is great advice about razors in general from Ann-Marie above…never heard that before, either!

  6. I love Mary Kay lipstick. I don’t find it drying at all and if my lips happen to be particularly dry on a given day, I just add a layer of lip gloss to the top, which I think gives a nice “finished” look. (Even if my lips aren’t dry, I often add the gloss for a finished look just because…) One great thing about MK is that they have a “try it before you buy it” attitude – so find a consultant, tell her what lipsticks you are interested in and you can sample. And they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you buy and end up not liking it you can return for a full refund. No, I’m not a consultant … just love the product! 😉

    • Is there a particular MK one you love Christine? One of the only lipsticks I own is MK (from a loooong time ago) and I found the stain good but overall very dry. Maybe I just picked the wrong one 🙂

      • Well they’ve redone their formula in the last couple years so that could be part of the difference. I have 2 i’m wearing – “bronzed” which looks very dark in the tube but really works for me and “maple” which is more neutral. Happy shopping!

  7. The only dry shampoo I will use now is Oscar Biandi. It’s fabulous…

  8. I can totally relate to this, Steph. I’m pretty sure my curling iron hails from the 90s, too, and I want to start using lipstick but there are so many choices! I have a sample of Clinique’s Different lipstick that I’ve been liking and am thinking about buying. My strawberry chapstick just isn’t cutting it in the color department. 🙂 And I’ve been pretty happy with Venus razors.

  9. I wear Sperry’s almost every day, with every thing. Well maybe not to church, but once i drop another 30 lbs or so of baby weight and lose the trunk legs, perhaps they’ll even look cute with a dress/skirt.

    I love my men’s gillete mach 5, but i’m willing to go the route of the first commenter and try a disposable for my arms. Love the idea of keeping my expensive, manly razor blades sharper longer.

  10. Hi Stephanie! I love reading the responses to this post! I will keep checking back. As for lipstick, I really like the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. It has wonderful staying power–it does fade over time, but when it fades it leaves a nice stain of color. My favorite shade is Goldpearl Plum. As for razors, I have used the Gillette Venus (the non disposable kind) for years. I get a really close shave and I don’t even need to use shaving cream. I do put soap on my armpits, but shave my legs with just water in the shower. I never get a cut!

  11. Dry shampoo: I use baby powder and it works wonders for me! This busy mama can go a week or more–if need be–gasp!!–without shampooing! Just sprinkle the powder into your palms and run fingers through your hair. Of course, I always wear my hair in a “messy bun” so I don’t know how this would work on other hairstyles, but…it’s cheap, it smells nice, and it works!

    • No. Way.!!! This is a fantastic trick! I’m a messy bun girl too. Thanks for sharing!!

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