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Awesome Dads, EDEL, Ombre Highlights, and a Movie Made about YOU…

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “quick takes” post of things swimming around in my head, so for better or for worse, I’m gonna jump right in.

1. Most importantly, HAPPY SPRING!! Glory hallelujah I’m so happy it’s finally officially here. Now if only we can convince Mr. Weatherman that 41 degrees and rainy is not our idea of spring weather for next Tuesday. Sigh. At least now that we’ve turned the March 21st corner, I have hope.

In expectation of spring I recently went blonde again with ombre highlights. It’s been four years and three babies since I forsook my blonde ways (or the blonde forsook me – my hair went way dark post pregnancies) and I’m so done with being a brunette…at least for this year. :0) It was my first time trying ombre and I think I sorta kinda like it. I suppose I should show you a picture but “selfies” are really not my thing (BTW how could “selfies” have been the 2013 word of the year? ew) and the only other photographers around here this morning are 3, 2, and 7 months, respectively. So no pictures. But yay for blonde and spring anyway!


EdelI’m thrilled to say that I’m going to the EDEL Gathering for mothers in Austin, TX this July! Basically it’s the coolest mom party ever, hosted by Jen of the blog Conversion Diary and Hallie of Moxie Wife. My sweet friend and Catholic recording artist Sarah Bauer bought two tickets to EDEL on the day they opened for sale (and sold out…in a few hours), and texted me to ask if I’d like to come and have her second ticket. She said she just felt she was supposed to buy two and invite me.

Up until that moment I had been dying to go to EDEL but had convinced myself it was too expensive, too long to leave the Hubs with the kids, too much going on in our lives in an already packed month of July, etc etc etc. But when I heard from Sarah it was the Holy Spirit kick in my gut that yes – I wanted to go and I was supposed to go. Basically my husband said “buy that ticket and GO!” and I. can’t. wait. to fellowship with all the wonderful ladies who will be there. I’d fly to Austin any day just to hang out with Sarah Bauer – so even if we never leave our hotel room I know EDEL is going to rock.



Our former pastor in Northern Virginia is one of seven boys, born to the most awesome father you could ever imagine. Truly, a man after God’s own heart. His name was Thomas Vander Woude. Mr. Vander Woude was a long time supporter of my own dad’s work with ministering to husbands and fathers – going back over twenty years. Mr. Vander Woude died tragically while rescuing his youngest son, Joseph, born with Downs Syndrome, who had fallen into a septic tank on their farm.

Focus on the Family’s movie crew flew to the Vander Woude farm to film a video of Mr. Vander Woude’s life. It’s called “A Father’s Sacrifice” and you can watch it here.

In a week when we celebrate Jesus’ father, St. Joseph, and today being National Downs Syndrome Awareness Day, it’s a beautiful video to watch and share with your friends on social media.


Speaking of social media, many of you may have heard the tragic story of the Lewis family, who lost two daughters in a horrible car accident this week. I cannot imagine the pain. No words. You can read the story here and learn how you can help if you feel so called. Thanks friends!



Have you heard about the movie Mom’s Night Out, coming to your favorite theater this Mother’s Day? The PR team for the film contacted me recently and said “your blog stories are practically the script of the film!” (which I’m hoping is a good thing? Haven’t seen it yet…). Anyway, Sony Pictures is sending me the film to preview and I can’t wait to watch it and let you know what I think. Anything with Patricia Heaton (aka one of the world’s funniest TV moms) has got to be pretty darn hilarious.

Mom’s Night Out has put together a blog called The Mom Factor. They’re featuring yours truly and my January post “Meet the 2014 Supermom” this week. Head on over and check it, along with lots of fun mom blog reads.



Do any of you swear by the amber necklace for your teething babies? After trying literally everything else I could get my hands on to soothe my poor buddy over here (we’re up to seven teeth so far – it’s been a rough couple months), I finally listened to the good advice of one of my Besties from Denver and ordered an amber necklace from Amazon. I’m still not a total believer because that’s my personality, I suppose, but I have to admit we went from several wake-ups a night to sleeping through most (not all…but many more than before!) nights for the past two weeks. And that’s while cutting two (almost three) top teeth. So if you’re at your teething wit’s end too, maybe it’s worth a try? Now if I could only get my two toddlers to sleep through the night…but then life would be almost too glorious I suppose.


Earlier this week I shared my nightmare-become-reality Sharpie story. Just discovered that Pinterest is loaded with ways to get Sharpie off of just about everything. In addition to my 3 miracle workers, you can use hair spray, WD-40, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover…so many options. Who knew?! So if any of y’all have little boys, it might be worth a hop over to Pinterest to read about some of the anti-Sharpie miracle workers.

In the meantime don’t forget to hide your Sharpies. Hope y’all have a great weekend!



Linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes 



  1. Congrats on being featured, Steph!! And I can’t wait to hear all about that movie. Also, this is the second time today I’ve “heard” someone mention the amber necklace and I’m really wishing we had tried it! 🙂

  2. We have used amber necklaces for all four of our babies! Hope it works for you, too!

  3. I never heard of the amber necklace…I would totally freak out about putting something around my baby’s neck!! For my family, Infant Tylenol has always worked well for the anguished little teethers. I was told by my baby doc that it was okay to give a dose every night for a couple weeks while they were in the throes of teething agony! Anyway–I enjoyed this entire post! Would love to see hair pics!!

  4. I was a little antsy about the teething necklace for the reason Annelise gave, but so many moms seem to like it.
    Would you mind sharing where you got your kiddo’s necklace? I’d like to find a reliable and safe source!

    • I bought our amber necklace from Amazon via Art of Cure. Again I can’t guarantee results but it sure “seems” to have helped my baby. For us it’s been worth the try. 🙂

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