Posted by: littlebitofparadise | March 19, 2014

Five Things Every Young Mom of Boys NEEDS


Two week ago while my husband was out of town on a mission trip, I packed my three boys up and drove down to my parents house in South Carolina (about two hours away) for an overnight. It broke up the long week for us and was so much fun to visit with our favorites.

Shortly after we arrived, it was nap time for my toddlers. My mom had set up air mattresses in the bonus room upstairs for the boys. Up until recently when her youngest graduated high school, the bonus room had been my mom’s homeschool classroom for our family. To put it mildly, it’s covered wall to wall in books, curricula, computers, maps, and every cool learning thing you can imagine.

About twenty minutes after we had put the boys down, I heard a knocking on the bonus room door, and a little voice saying: “Mommy? Can you help my brother?” Knock. knock. knock. “Mommy? Can you help my brother?”

I walked in to find my Luke standing by the door, repeating again and again “Can you help my brother?”

It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the scene in front of me, and to the very familiar, very noxious smell of the entire room.


Oh no. And ooooohhhh yes. Somehow my two year old had found a Sharpie on a desk and had decided to use the classroom as a palate for his artistic masterpiece.

The carpet. Beautiful wooden bookshelves. The covers of books. The walls. The door. The air mattresses. The pillows and sheets. Both boys’ Blankees that they’re utterly attached to.

And let’s not forget the piece de resistance: Sharpie ALL OVER his older brother’s face. And scalp.

“Can you help my brother” indeed.

How in all creation my little Mark ever let his brother draw with Sharpie all over his face and hair I have no idea. But he most certainly, certainly did. I don’t have a single picture to prove it because one look at the room and at my eldest and I burst into tears thinking “I have to go downstairs and tell my Mom what my child just did to her classroom!!!”

And then the race to save as much of the room as possible began. So. No pictures.

But I do have a tribute to three amazing (and I mean UH-MAZING) products. And two amazing human virtues.

When I went down to tell my mom the news and that yes, I was serious, and no, I wasn’t joking or exaggerating how bad it was, she threw a magic eraser at me and rushed to get some rags and Oxiclean.

And we went to work on that room.

Y’all. Magic Erasers are the BOMB. Those babies took Sharpie out of carpet (yes carpet!), walls, and doors. It was insane to watch but it actually worked. I think we blew through at least three Magic Erasers in about five minutes but we shredded those little white beauties and the result was practically a miracle. While we worked I continued my mortified moaning and my mom was actually laughing. It was her room and she was laughing!!

Oxiclean. Another lifesaver to the situation. Oxiclean on a damp rag took Sharpie out of wooden bookshelves, furniture, and the cover of books. We also used it on the carpet after we had blown through the Magic Erasers.

Nothing saved the sheets and blankets, but our last conundrum was my son’s Sharpie-d face.

My mom took Mark into her bathroom and tried face toner, makeup remover, and soap, and the ink didn’t budge. As a final thought she rubbed coconut oil all over his face and wa-la! The Sharpie instantly came off.

And so young Moms with an army of boys like I have: in recap, never be without five important things:

1. Magic Erasers.

2. Oxiclean.

3. Coconut Oil.

4. A strong sense of humor. (Thanks Mom!)

5. A woman who loves her grandchildren more than her house and says “Come see us again SOON, Luke!” when she kisses him goodbye in the car.

…Five of my very, very favorites. ;0)


Linking up with Moxie Wife for Five Favs today. Now go stock up on that coconut oil! 


  1. Oh my gosh! I would’ve cried, too! I cannot believe coconut oil removed the sharpie… that is such a good thing to know!

  2. Steph, two years ago (when our family with four children lived with my parents for 4 months while waiting for our new house to get ready), my little boy took a nail to my mom’s leather couch. Four months, and the week before we moved out, he drew beautiful etched designs in a leather couch. We used walnut oil as best we could, but it’s definitely not ever going to be perfect. Boys will be boys, right? Oh, and my daughter that ‘picks’ at things, picked all the loose edges of wallpaper off the walls. In the dining room. 😉

  3. Every post like this makes me glad that I bought a jar of coconut oil on a whim one day.

  4. I am so sorry but I could not help laughing as I read this–I guess I was picturing my own little boys doing the exact thing!! Thank you for sharing this experience…it reminds me that there is nothing they will not do if it presents itself to their little heads! Oh what a challenge motherhood is…thanks too for the great cleaning tips, I am going to use these to tackle the numerous crayon and ball point pen artwork that is currently decorating the walls, stairs, windowsills and furniture of our house!

  5. […] this week I shared my nightmare-become-reality Sharpie story. Just discovered that Pinterest is loaded with ways to get Sharpie off of just about everything. In […]

  6. Oh my goodness, Steph, this had me laughing but I can imagine how it felt in the moment! I am bookmarking these cleaning tips!

  7. Oh no!

    But… magic eraser on carpet? Who knew!?

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