Posted by: littlebitofparadise | March 12, 2014

Fitness Week One Checkup


Inspired by Susan’s exercise post over at Sole Searching Mama, I started a 40 day Lenten exercise challenge for myself that I’m calling “40 Days of Living Sacrifice.” I invited other moms to join me in the journey of challenging our physical bodies in order to perfect all aspects of our life and our motherhood.

And LOTS of you Mamas are joining in. It’s funny but also understandable that every time I do a fitness challenge or healthy eating challenge on my blog, I get very few public comments in my com box or on social media, but I get a ton of private emails from women telling me they’ve committed to the challenge and are joining in. I totally get it – I think I’d be inclined to send a private message about such a topic, too. But I do want you ladies to know you’re not alone – many, many of you are committed to working out six days days a week for all of Lent, offering your bodies as a living sacrifice.

So. One week down!

I’m already seeing a positive change in my life after just one week, so I’ll share my top five today in hopes that more of you ladies will be inspired to join us.

1. More Discipline. Making good on a commitment every single day without fail is hard with so many distractions, but I’m learning that discipline in one area is leading to greater consistency in other areas. I’m finding that working out in the mornings is best for me – I go downhill in the workout  motivation department as the day goes on, so I’m trying to get mine in before lunch each day, while the baby naps and the toddlers play or watch a DVD. I also try to put on my workout clothes as soon as I wake up, so I have to exercise before I can officially get dressed for the day.

2. More Energy. It’s amazing how expending energy to workout fills me up to get through the day but it truly does. I’m drinking less coffee. I’m doing a better job keeping up with the laundry (and that’s saying a LOT! Laundry is my nemesis). I’m spending more time actively playing with the kids in the afternoon, which is usually a tiring time of day for me.

3. More Water. I know moms with babies are supposed to drink a ton of water but I shamefully admit I don’t drink nearly enough. But this past week I’ve noticed I’m drinking probably twice as much as I was a week ago, and it’s making me feel so much better.

4. More Prayer & Scripture. It may sound strange to make the comparison, but more Jillian is leading to more Jesus. Yes it’s Lent and perhaps this would be the case anyway, but I’ve been more consistent with prayer and Bible reading in the past week than I have in a long time. And I do think the physical discipline is aiding the greater spiritual discipline.

5. More Happiness. It’s simple, but it’s the truth: I feel happier after I work out. There’s a spring in my step and nicer words on my tongue and the Good Lord knows my family needs and deserves more of both from me around here.

Hope y’all are feeling well and seeing positive life changes in your Lenten journey too!

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  1. I have also found that putting on my exercise clothes when I first wake up is the key to making sure I exercise! Even if I’m still wearing them when my husband comes home. 😉 That said, investing in nice exercise clothes even though they’re just for home is what helped me kick start myself.

    • New exercise clothes is a great idea!!! And I saw just this morning that Zullily has a special on the Athleta brand this week 😉

  2. The good feeling I get when I exercise makes me feel so much better about myself. I guess there really is something to those endorphins. 🙂

  3. Oh, how I love a good workout! I find drinking out of a waterbottle throughout the day keeps me drinking more water. Whenever I am out of town I find the water intake drops considerably…and I think it’s because I usually leave my waterbottle behind.

  4. I am doing this lent challenge too. I started working out at the beginning of the year. But I felt I could be doing so much more for my faith life. I know that I need to spend time working on my whole self with God. I do it once the kids are in bed at night. So putting my clothes right after work. Let’s keep it going ladies.

  5. I’ve actually managed to exercise every day since Lent started! It’s nothing too strenuous or formal since I had a C-section and things are still a bit tender, but even dancing (alone or with kiddos) to at least one song of Christian music on the radio or doing a few crunches or planks throughout the day is helping! I also use the constant daily cleanup of toys etc. as “standing situps” because all that bending over does wonders for the waistline!

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