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1. FIVE is the number of months old I am today! Mommy and Daddy think 5 months is the perfect age. But to be honest, they pretty much think everything about me is perfect (I think maybe it’s cuz I’m the youngest? I dunno…)

2. FIVE is the number of Christmases Mommy and Daddy have celebrated together. Did you know that I’m the #5 member of our family? Yep, that’s right! I got to be the fifth stocking hung on our fireplace mantle this year.


3. FIVE is the hour of morning I woke up today. Mommy sometimes looks a bit groggy when she comes in to get me from my crib. I’m not sure it’s her favorite hour of the day but it sure is mine! I kick my dimpled legs and flap my chubby arms and smile and giggle when I see Mommy come for me. Mommy loves it – I can tell by the way she smiles and talks to me while she scoops me up.


4. FIVE is the number of teeth Mommy thinks I might be cutting all at once…at least, I’ve been crying and complaining enough this week to make her think so. I don’t like cutting teeth very much, but as long as Mommy holds me all the time I’m okay.

5. FIVE is the number of bites I had this morning of my first solid food! It was sweet potatoes. After the first bite I kinda liked it. After the fifth bite I was ready to go back to my favorite food: lattes.



In five months I’ve brought a lot of changes to my family.

My oldest brother Mark – he’s kind of loud and energetic and he runs around a lot. But when he’s next to me, he’s the most gentle oldest brother I could ever ask for. He has a special touch and tender voice that he saves especially for me. I go bonkers every time my big brother plays with me.

My other brother, Luke – he became a big brother when I was born. Mommy and Daddy say that Luke has become much more independent and helpful and responsible now that I’m in the family. Luke’s favorite job is to help Mommy give me baths in the kitchen sink.


My Mommy, she’s grown a lot since I was born. She says she’s never worked harder or longer or smarter than she has since August 15th. Some days she feels like she’s going crazy because there’s so much work to do and she doesn’t have a lot of time anymore (I’m kinda a full time job these days), but when I was up waaayyyyy past my usual bedtime the other night, I overheard Mommy tell Daddy that when she holds me close she feels like her heart is going to burst because of all the love and joy I’ve brought her.


But the most special thing that’s happened since I was born is that Mommy and Daddy have fallen deeper in love all over again…times at least five…these past five months. My parents have never been more stressed, sleep deprived, busy and bonkers as they have since I’ve joined the family. But somehow because of and in spite of all that, they’re a stronger team and they are madly in love with each other more than ever.

See all the amazing things I’ve done in just five months?

So if you’re a Mommy or Daddy thinking of having a third baby sometime soon, my parents say “GO FOR IT!”

Mommy promises that you’ll spend LOTS of money on diapers and coffee if you have a third child.

But she says you’ll never regret having a third baby for one. single. second.

Pinky swear. 



PS. Mommy says I can link up my guest post with Mrs. Moxie Wife today since I talked about Five Things. ;0) Yay!


  1. What a beautiful post!

  2. Steph this is darling!

  3. So cute! Look at those adorable cheeks!!

  4. He’s precious! My third is 2 months, my second is 2 yrs, my first is 4 years… You brought me to tears, your every word is true! My husband and I have found this new closeness that I didn’t know was possible! We also do ‘one day at a time’ and ‘just keep swimming’ real good these days. Love your blog!

    • Thanks Kelly!
      Wow are kids are close in age! Wish we could get together 🙂

  5. […] to our family and to our marriage that is hard for me to put into words, but it’s real and we’ve all felt it. The Hubs and I were totally in love before he joined our family, but his birth brought it to a […]

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