Posted by: littlebitofparadise | January 3, 2014

The “Mosts” of 2013


It was heart warming and heart wrenching for me to go through old posts and reflect on 2013: my first full year of blogging. Sarah of the blog Amongst Lovely Things is hosting the fun linkup “Most Posts of 2013” with winners across five categories, so I’m linking up with Sarah today to share my 2013 “Mosts.”

The five categories are:

  • Post with the most clicks
  • Post with the most comments
  • Post with the best picture
  • Post that was hardest to write
  • Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers’ favorite- your favorite)

1. Post with the Most Clicks


This first award goes to my July post “NFP Sucks.” It blew the stats for anything else I’ve ever written out of the water. Times ten. It was nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles to love natural family planning.

2. Post with the most comments.


I usually get more blog comments on other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, etc) than on my actual blog, so the comments award is actually a tie between NFP Sucks and My Name is Baby Factory.

3. Post with the best picture.


I know it’s a bit cheeky (ha!) to pick this one, but I can’t help it. I think this pic is adorbs. It’s from my 7 Quick Takes post entitled Bikinis, JP2, Jimmy Johnson, and Naked Bottoms.

4. Post that was hardest to write.

37 Ways-to-romance-husband-stephanie-weinert

I wrote For the Strong Ones from a raw. emotional place. It was also hard for me to talk about my CrossFit journey and trying the Paleo Diet because I didn’t want those pieces to come across as “look at me and how cool I am” but instead “these things REALLY helped my health and wellness, so I want to share in case they can help others.” That’s a fine line and I’m not totally sure I was successful with that or not. But I think the hardest piece to write was actually 37 Ways to Romance Your Husband. There were a lot of, shall we say, “not PG rated” things I wanted to include, so it was hard to be real and raw without being too scandalous. 37 Ways has been my most Pinned/Tweeted post from 2013. I’m hoping to do a “37 Ways Part Two” this year.

5. Post that was my personal favorite.


My favorite post of 2013 has to be Mommy Will You Play with Me. I get choked up re-reading it. Luke really taught me an important lesson that day.

Extra Bonus Question: My Blogging Goals for 2014

This year I plan to give my blog a design makeover. I’d also like to start doing an occasional Vlog (video blog). And I want to strive to be more real, to be more humble, and to be more encouraging to my readers – especially you Mamas in the trenches of mothering little ones like I am.

Thanks so much for reading along as I share my heart in this space, and for your comments, your questions, and your encouragement. Y’all are the best.




  1. Looking forward to the revamp. What was the new thing you were going to do with this site a while back? I missed it.

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