Posted by: littlebitofparadise | January 2, 2014

Worth More Than a Thousand Words


Ashley Paige is a photographer from San Francisco, CA. On December 14th, she wrote this on her Facebook page:

“My clients were running late for our session today, so I was just sitting on a bench at Crissy Field when I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend on top of a little hill. It was so romantic and when she said YES and gave him a big hug I couldn’t help myself from snapping a quick picture! I later gave them my card and told them to email so I could send them the picture. Hopefully they do so and get to see how sweet it turned out and have a memory from their big moment!”

The only thing cooler than the story above? That the guy DOES in fact contact Ashley Paige, and orders a print of this amazing picture from her to give to his new fiancee as a Christmas present.

…And the only thing cooler than THAT is if the girl in the picture just happens to be your sister. And the guy in the picture just happens to be your future brother-in-law.

Congratulations to my sister, Sarah Wood, and her fiance Andrew Kohl, on their engagement!




2014. It’s going to be a great year.


PS. Special thanks to Ashley Paige for letting me share the amazing moment she captured. 



  1. What a great story and beautiful picture! Congrats to your sister and her fiance!

  2. He looks like prince William.

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