Posted by: littlebitofparadise | November 20, 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau Day! A Thanksgiving Wine Tradition


Tomorrow (November 21, 2013) is an exciting day for wine enthusiasts me and The Hubs – it’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day! Last year I blogged about the history of this special French wine that is first uncorked on the third Thursday of November. You can read all about it here. 

In our house, we find Beaujolais Nouveau to be the perfect Thanksgiving wine – it pairs beautifully with turkey and all the harvest table accouterments.

Here’s what this year’s bottle looks like:


I was excited to learn that Charlotte NC, where my now family lives, is one of sixteen cities in the  United States recognized as a “Beaujolais City,” so there will be great rejoicing and celebrating in downtown Charlotte tomorrow.

BN is widely available in American grocery stores. When I lived in Virginia I always purchased our Beaujolais at a store called Wegmans. My mom told me this week that she got hers last year at Costco. And I’m willing to bet that my good friend Trader Joe will also be uncorking this young wine tomorrow.

Have you sampled Beaujolais Nouveau in years past? What did you think of it? Do you have a favorite place to purchase it? If so please do share!

Happy harvest, friends! I hope you have a chance to uncork a bottle of this fun first-fruits wine this month.

Cheers! ;o)


PS. Since this wine is a favorite times five, I’m linking up with Moxie Wife for “Five Favorites” today.



  1. Sounds totally yummy…something this 8-months-preggo mama will have to forego until the New Year though! Will ask hubby to get some…:)

  2. I’ve never heard of this- how fun!

  3. I bought two today! The store didn’t have any in yet yesterday morning. I wanted to make sure I got some. Looking forward to trying it with the Thanksgiving turkey.

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