Posted by: littlebitofparadise | September 25, 2013

Fall Favorites


Ah yes, Ms. Eliot. Me too.

Sharing five of my “Fall Favorites” for this first week of Autumn. (Some of these are re-hashed from last Fall but still worth mentioning again).

1. Glade spray.


I loved it last year (read post here) and I love it just as much this year too: Glade’s “Apple” scent spray. While I usually don’t go for scents-in-a-can, this one is just so comforting.

2. Woodwick Candles (read post here).


Because candles that say “snap crackle pop” are just so much more fun.

3. Hot Tea.


Read all about my tea addiction here. Trader Joes makes some delicious Fall tea flavors – look for their apple and pumpkin flavors this time of year. Mmmmm.

4. Fall scarves.


I love this website for how to tie scarves 50 (yep five-zero) different ways!

5. Paleo Pumpkin Recipes from


Found this website via Pinterest and the recipes look amazing! I hope my family can try every single one this Fall.

Have a great Wednesday! And be sure to hop over to to check out Favorites from my blogging sister-souls.



  1. I love candles, too. Even just tea lights in glass candle holders make a big difference in creating a warm, comforting feeling in a room. Burning them on the kitchen counter while cooking puts me in a more relaxed frame of mind. (I think the Church has always been on to something with candles!)

  2. You are such a girl after my own heart. LOVE these! Happy fall, sweet pea! And thanks for joining in!

    • Aw thanks Hallie! So very much hope to have you over for tea some day ;-).

  3. I looovvve our glade spray!! Fall is my favorite season…so looking forward to cute scarf and boot season!

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