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IKEA for Free, Best Mom Advice, New Fashion Site and “Homeland”

fav(Love this pic and love these boys!)

Happy Friday! Here are some Quick Takes and Fun Favs to round up the week and kick start the weekend.



Have you ever read an article and thought “Wow – that person just put into words what I feel better than I could ever say it” or “I wish I had written that!”? Well that happened to me this week when I read the article “To Moms of One or Two Children” on the Short Stop Blog. Truly, it’s one of the most encouraging, challenging things I’ve read on motherhood all year. I hope you check it out and then pass it on to encourage other families.



I recently discovered a super cool fashion website: Taylor and Stylist ( The prices are reasonable and the styles are incredible. The T&S husband and wife duo describe their style as “polished and ladylike” and I couldn’t agree more. Not sure what I’m drooling over more, the dresses or the accessories!



Have those of you who live near an IKEA discovered the IKEA Family Card and Kids Eat Free Tuesdays? Best deal ever – you get to browse through the most family-friendly furniture/home store of all time, drink as many cups of coffee or tea as your heart desires (for FREE with the IKEA card), and your kids eat totally free all day long. Win-win for the whole family. We’ve been loving IKEA Tuesdays for dinnertime outings with Daddy and lunchtime play dates with friends this summer. Worth checking out!

Aaaannnnnd the REAL reason my kids love IKEA so much:



The bane of my existence ever since my second-born learned to walk and talk has been the Little Tikes cozy coupe car that has resided at our home since Cub #1 became a toddler (hand-me-down gift from an awesome aunt and uncle).  My boys have had SO MANY fights over whose turn it was to drive this dang car that at times I felt like I was losing my mind. Too many times to count I’ve been ready to throw the thing on the curb on trash day just to put an end to the “my turn” arguments from the bear cubs.

While on safari with my boys at the Salvation Army Thrift Store this month, I rounded a corner of kids clothing racks and saw this beauty:


It was waiting there just for me. I’m sure of it.

And yes…I fit the darn thing in the shotgun seat of my Honda Civic and drove home with it. Only took a few full body strength nudges to get it out of the car, but we made it!


The result? PEACE in my driveway during playtime. Happy shrieks and not tantrum ones! Best twenty bucks I’ve spent in a LONG time.



So excited to introduce this adorable bundle of cuteness!


My sister Anne gave birth to Nathan Patrick Richardson on July 31st. Our entire family is madly in love already. And if there ever was a way to give me insane baby fever, seeing Anne with baby Nathan was definitely it. I’m so glad my little one is going to have a boy cousin so close in age.

Congratulations to Dave, Anne, Ben and Jane on little Nathan’s birth!



Have any of y’all heard of or watched the show Homeland featuring lead actress Claire Danes? It seems like the Hubs and I were the only ones who had never paid any attention to it…until the show contacted us and asked if we’d be willing to let Homeland use our home to film the show.

Apparently Homeland films most of its scenes in the Charlotte metro area. They needed a suburban home to shoot a safe house scene, and the location scout immediately thought of our home. It doesn’t look like they’ll end up shooting here (Our home was going to be used as the scene of a murder, but they wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets white so the splattered blood showed up better in the kitchen. I wasn’t a big fan of the idea, I rather like my cherry wood cabinets…) Still, it was exciting to be asked and to have our home photographed by the Homeland location scouts.

A big adventure for first time home owners who hadn’t even lived in our house for a month!


Today my family and I are part of a volunteer team packing school supplies in backpacks for homeless children in our area who will be attending school – some of them for the first time. I love that our kids can come with us and participate in this community project. It’s a good reminder, at the beginning of this new school year, of how blessed we are, how much we have to be thankful for, and how good it feels to give to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Great way to kick off the weekend. Hope yours is happy, healthy, and extremely blessed!



P.S. Don’t forget to join me in Blogland next week: I’ll be talking about FOOD all week long. Best topic ever.


  1. SO TRUE about the little tikes car!! my boys aren’t quite as close in age, but we’ve had plenty of crying over that car and i definitely would’ve bought another one too!

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