Posted by: littlebitofparadise | July 19, 2013

Great Sex, Men Hate Your Wedges, a Miracle Plant, and Other Fun Tidbits

After tackling some heavier topics this week, I promise today is all about the fun and the fab. Because Friday IS fun. And fab.

Quick Takes:


Rebekka Ruetz Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014Via

So apparently men have strong opinions about what style shoes us womenfolk wear. A newly released survey unveiled some strange interesting trends in men’s shoe preferences.

And while it was no surprise to me that guys dislike Crocs (I owned a pair when I started dating the Hubs…let’s just say they found their way to the Salvation Army post. haste.), I was rather shocked that men hate wedges (of all things!) even more than they hate Crocs. Check out Huffington Post to read all about it. Worth archiving for my next shoe shopping spree.


I have a new Godson! Check out this hunk of Cuteness:



The Hubs and I traveled back to Northern Virginia for our newborn Godson’s baptism last weekend. He didn’t even make a peep when the water was poured over his handsome head. Gabriel Thomas, your godparents sure do love you!


I’ve been receiving loads of compliments on my boys’ outfits this summer. Especially their church/more dressy outfits. Funny thing is, every single one of their summer dressy outfits was purchased at a children’s consignment sale or thrift store. Many of the pieces are designer brands – but all of them were uber cheap. I absolutely love shopping consignment shops for kids clothes; truly amazing deals at a tiny fraction of what I’d pay at the mall or in a boutique.

I recently read my friend Lisa’s (of the blog Joie de Vivre) post on tips for shopping consignment sales for kids clothes, and wanted to pass it on to y’all – I thought Lisa’s suggestions were great. (Fun fact: I met Lisa in the parking lot outside a children’s consignment sale when she was expecting her first and I was expecting my second…she shopped the pink side of the room and I hoarded the blue.)


I was sitting at my aunt’s kitchen island the other day having a fun aunt-niece chat when my uncle walked in and gifted my aunt with a strange looking plant. He asked both my aunt and me to smell it and guess what it was. The smell was familiar but neither of us guessed correctly.


No joke – it was a citronella plant! And here I thought citronella only grew in large vats of candle wax. My uncle said the plant form works way better than the wax version at keeping ‘skeeters at bay, and with the immense deluge we’ve had on the east coast this summer, we need all the citronella help we can get here in Charlotte. I found citronella plants for about $6 each at Home Depot. Fingers crossed they’ll do their job on our back porch!



We ran into car #31 on display at our local Home Depot yesterday. My boys are still talking about it non-stop. At this rate I think living in Charlotte means we’re destined to be NASCAR fans, even though the only thing I currently know about car #31 is that the driver’s first name is Jeff.


And now for what y’all clicked on my blog this morning to read about. That’s right – the best sex ever. A new study conducted by the Family Research Council unveils which portion of the population enjoys the very best sex. The study as reported in U.S. News and World Report is getting quite a bit of social media attention this week.


Now I love my Catholic faith, but I’ve never used this as an evangelization or outreach tactic. Yet.

What can I say – monogamous, married, sacramental sex is awesome.


Speaking of the S-word, Sunday marks the start of “National NFP Awareness Week”. NFP stands for “Natural Family Planning.”

While I don’t talk about it on my blog very often, I actually have zany outlandish unusual strong opinions about NFP. So unless my more prudent side harnesses my fingers in time, expect to hear from me next week about NFP. So stay tuned (or beware).

Now go visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes on this hot and humid Friday.

Happy weekend y’all! Hope it’s a blessed one for you and your family.



  1. Glad that you are sharing Lisa’s Consignment Sales link! I had no idea about citronella plants either – definitely need to get some of these! I read some where that they don’t like lemon grass either… I need to surround my house in this stuff!

  2. Aw, glad you liked that post, Stephanie! I actually just went to that same sale on Wednesday. 🙂
    Looking forward to your NFP post!

    • That’s awesome Lisa! I’m sure you got lots of great stuff at the sale – your girls always look so adorable 🙂

  3. Just found your blog via a “postpartum crossfit” search and just want to give a big ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ from one Catholic, fitness-lovin’ mama to another. Just had baby number 7 a few days ago and I am ready to build up some strength for living out my vocation! God bless!

    • So glad to meet you Melody! Congrats on the birth of your new baby! Your family is beautiful 🙂

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