Posted by: littlebitofparadise | July 2, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day


I love Independence Day. I suppose the honest truth is I love any cause for celebrating freedom, faith, family, food…it doesn’t take much for me to get my inner party on.

I thought I’d share some of my Fourth favorites today. I like to splash some patriotic pride throughout the house, but I also like to keep it clean and simple.

I was inspired this year by Pioneer Woman’s blog about July 4th. Since I don’t have sunflowers growing all over my property, I chose to combine flags and hydrangeas in glass jars throughout the house because that’s what’s growing all over my backyard this summer. Simple but festive:






[Flags and patriotic decor: all from Dollar Tree. Flowers from the backyard. Glass jars and mason jars: thrifted or collected along the way.]

I found some super-creative ideas on Pinterest for healthy snacks and treats for the Fourth – these are great for my kiddos who love fruit.



fruit3 Via

And of course we always make a “flag cake”(or large cookie pizza) with the berries decorated on top. Yum!

My dad’s favorite BBQ sauce is “Sweet Baby Ray’s.” And fun fact: I read in this month’s issue of Good Housekeeping that Sweet Baby Ray’s won their national test kitchen test of store bought BBQ sauces. No wonder it was completely out of stock at my local grocery store this week!


What are some of your Independence Day favorites? I’d love to hear about them!

This is our first July 4th back in the Carolinas. I love how bonkers Carolinians are for patriotic holidays. Everything shuts down. Everyone is on vacation or at least takes off from work. There are fireworks displays in every neighborhood; watermelon and peach stands on practically every street corner. And everyone wears red, white and blue. So fun.

Here at our new house, the Hubs installed our flag pole on the front porch this past weekend. Can I just say I love the respect a Veteran gives the American flag…you won’t find anyone who treats our nation’s colors with more dignity, respect and honor than the ones who’ve sacrificed to defend what those colors stand for. He doesn’t know how much I love the patriotic example he sets for the neighborhood and for our sons without even realizing it.

A big thank you from our family to all those who have served and are serving to defend the freedom we so greatly enjoy in this country.

And thank you to those who fight tirelessly to defend the principles and values upon which our nation was founded. You too are modern day heroes.

And thank you to all those who serve our nation as first responders and firefighters. We’re thinking of you and praying for you in a special way this week.

Have a safe, happy, festive and fun Independence Day my friends!




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