Posted by: littlebitofparadise | June 21, 2013

Bikinis, JP2, Jimmy Johnson, and Naked Bottoms


Joining my blogging besties for “7 Quick Takes” hosted by Conversion Diary.



My friend Jessica Rey, founder of Rey Swimwear, has a fantastic presentation newly released titled “The Evolution of the Swimsuit.” She shares some interesting historical tidbits about the creation of the bikini that I definitely didn’t know. Her short video is packed with food for thought. Definitely worth watching on this first official day of summer!


I don’t care what anyone else says, I think this guy is the handsomest Papa in history:



Love him! He also looks a lot like my late grandfather, William Chase, so that makes me love his face even more. Exciting news here for us Catholics regarding JP2’s canonization process.


Finally got my herb garden planted this week! I usually plant my herbs the end of April/early May, but since we moved this month, we didn’t get to put in herbs or any type of garden (hiss boo! I’m already missing all the tomato plants we usually have popping up about this time). BUT, I’m still excited for all the fresh herbs in our summer/early fall cooking. (C’mon basil plants – hurry up. New baby is craving pesto…)


I was at Home Depot this week buying said herbs for said garden, along with several cans of spray paint (my newest addiction…more on that topic another day), and in the middle of the paint aisle I ran into (quite literally – with my double wide cart and two toddlers) the team of painters working on Jimmy Johnson’s house. They were very happy to spill the beans to anyone who’d listen that they were working on Jimmy’s house.

Now, I don’t know a lot about NASCAR, but several of my out-of-town girlfriends hubby’s do. So this is a shameless plug to my GF’s: Jimmy has a house in Charlotte. So come visit. And we can drop your hubbies and my Hubs off at the NASCAR hall of fame, then come back to my house and drink mojitos (post pregnancy of course) made from all the fresh mint I just planted. Yay!

[Side note: I was duly informed of the irony lost on me: Jimmy Johnson drives the Lowes car.]


I’m launching a new series on my blog next week. So excited to share a new themed topic with you! More on that next week.


After such a pleasant grocery store shopping trip with the Bear Cubs yesterday (I’m actually serious!) I have to give props and praise to Harris Teeter for being awesome. Top 3 reasons we love the HT:

1) This parking spot in the very front row:


2). Car Carts!


3). Free cookies for bear cubs who are good boys.


The guy collecting carts in the parking lot offered to contact Corporate about designing a 3-seater car cart. He seemed to think I’ll be in need of one rather soon. ???


My new favorite picture of the day month year:


Have a great weekend y’all!



  1. I love JPII’s face, too — and I ALSO think he looks like my grandfather, which just cements in the fact that I love him dearly! Totally cute nakey bums!

  2. Pope Francis looks like he belongs in mi familia. Our family is really excited about the new pope. He’s going to convert a lot of people – I hope he helps to convert my husband. Remember to pray for our pope! Please pray for the soul of my spiritual advisor, Father Gary Desharnais. He died last week and he was a great priest.

  3. Re #6: I recently parked inside the garage at my local mall. Next to the handicapped spaces nearest the most convenient exits and elevators were spots reserved specifically for pregnant women and mothers with babies. The sign looked like the typical handicapped parking sign, only with a stork on it. I was touched. 🙂

  4. […] I know it’s a bit cheeky (ha!) to pick this one, but I can’t help it. I think this pic is adorbs. It’s from my 7 Quick Takes post entitled Bikinis, JP2, Jimmy Johnson, and Naked Bottoms. […]

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