Posted by: littlebitofparadise | June 12, 2013

Five Favorites


Joining the Moxie Wife herself for some Wednesday Favorites.


Chick-Fil-A “ice dream” kiddie cones on hot summer nights.

It went from chilly and rainy to blazing hot here in Charlotte in the past week. Or maybe it’s just my third trimester hormones…but it feels blazing hot here.

So it was extra fun to take my Bear Cubs to “Chicken Fries” as my toddlers affectionately refer to it for an ice cream cone last night. Check out this cuteness:



(I may have offered to lick the drips off their cones for them. Out of the goodness of my heart of course.)



I was not raised Catholic from birth so I don’t have a set of godparents to call my own, but I think they are awesome! And this is just a shout-out of gratefulness to my sons’ godparents, who also happen to be my younger siblings. They love on my kids with such tenderness. They take tons of time with them. And I’m so grateful my kids have these role models in their lives.

Last night my eldest said grace before eating his ice cream cone, and at the end of his prayer he included “God bless….” and listed his godparents and his brother’s godparents, with no prompting from me. The love flows both ways in those relationships, and I love it!

Here’s a pic of my Cubs with Mark’s godfather, Uncle John. (This pic is affectionately titled “Toddlers Help Uncle John Change a License Plate.”)



Iced coffee!

Where has my brain been my whole life? This is so super-duper-easy to make at home, yet the only times I ever drink iced coffee is when I pay way too much at a certain establishment whose logo is dark green and white…

Yesterday afternoon I was desperate for a quick “keep my eyes open” jolt and yet the thought of a hot drink on a hot day just didn’t feel right. So I mixed cold coffee with tons of ice, a dash of cream and stevia, and a drizzle of sugar-free vanilla flavoring (Torani brand). Wow was it delish.

Now I’m Pinterest-hunting iced coffee recipes. This one looks good and I always like the “skinny” version of these drinks anyway. If any of ya’ll have a favorite way of preparing iced coffee at home, please do share your recipe(s) with me!


Hobby Lobby.

One of the (very few) sorrows of living in Northern Virginia for the past four years was that there were no Hobby Lobbys within driving distance. (It was a sad existence let me tell you.) You fellow DIY-ers and crafters and home decor freaks know what I’m talking about.

So imagine my delight to be back in the Carolinas where there are Hobby Lobbys all over the place!

I may or may not have visited Hobby Lobby three times in my first week living in Charlotte. I cannot confirm or deny such rumors.


Mighty Machines.


Those of ya’ll who only have daughters cannot appreciate the sheer brilliance of this Canadian TV/DVD series. It’s basically a show where each episode features equipment and machines in their various places of work. The machines “talk” to the kids about what each of them do on the job. You don’t see any people talking onset – just the machines themselves. My boys adore this show, and it’s been a lifesaver this past month during the packing/unpacking phases of moving to a new home.

20130611-215430.jpg“Yes we love watching Mighty Machines and eating snacks while Mom unpacks a bajillion boxes!”

Enjoy your Wednesday y’all! Now head over to Moxie Wife for more Favorites from my bloggin’ friends.

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