Posted by: littlebitofparadise | April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: Mama Comforts (Pregnancy Edition)

Happy best day of the week everyone! Sooo glad it’s finally Friday. It was a busy and exciting week at our house. The highlight was my Hubs had his final class of his MBA this week! Done and DONE! We are leaving tomorrow morning for a week-long Caribbean vacation to celebrate the three years of hard work, much effort, and God’s favor that got our family through the great adventure of graduate school.

This week’s Friday Favorites is just for fun – I thought I’d do some quick takes on my favorite “mama comforts” – you know, things that make me extra happy or pampered during pregnancy. Listed in no particular order…I think they’re all awesome.

1. Contigo and Aladdin


These two buddies are part of my daily life – they rock. A Contigo is an insulated mug that is spill proof. I drink my morning cup of energy in my Contigo every day. As much as I favor the romantic notion of holding a nice big mug and watching steam waft up from my morning cup, the truth is I drink coffee on the floor or on the couch while two bear cubs run rough-shod all over me. In an effort not to burn them or me, and to keep my coffee warm long enough to actually drink it, the Contigo fits my needs all around. Love it.

The Aladdin is my cold-beverage go-to for carrying water around the house all day long. Again, it’s nearly spill proof, and even though it’s frequently knocked over or stolen by a resident bear cub, I’m not cleaning up 20 oz. of spilled water all day long. During pregnancy, having a designated water cup also helps me keep track of how much water I’m actually consuming, and I can make sure I get enough.

(Both available from Target).

2. Blanqi


Pronounced like “blonky” this is the best pregnancy body styler/support tank/belly band all rolled into one that I’ve ever owned. The Blanqi is pricey, but now that my belly is getting bigger by the day, the extra support it provides my belly and back makes it worth every penny. Available in select stores and from

3. Yoga Pants

I know there are practically tomes written on other mom blogs about how it’s much better on the pregnant psyche to dress up cute every day instead of stay in loungy clothes while preggers, but the tomes haven’t convinced me one bit. I LOVE my Under Armour yoga pants, and I wear them around the house when I’m pregnant all. the. time. I was chatting with a girlfriend recently (who also has toddler boys) and we were agreeing that being a SAHM to more than one little boy is a 24/7 full contact sport. I need to be ready to crawl around the floor, squat down, ready books or zoom cars around the family room at any time. I love getting cute when I go out or when the Hubs is home, but for my morning chores and long days that it’s “just us” the yoga pants are glorious. Trust me.


(Only pic I could find of me in my favorite pair of yogas…they stretch so much I’ve been able to wear my “normal” pair throughout this pregnancy…at least so far).

4. Body Oils


A girlfriend gave me the body oil gift set by Weleda when I was newly pregnant. It’s awesome – don’t know what else to say. The oils are soothing, moisturizing, and can help the body get ready for childbirth. I especially love the lavender, birch, and arnica oils thus far.

5. Nutella


Need I say more? Open jar, insert spoon, place in mouth. I’m convinced when histories of the ancient world talk about “food for the gods” they must have been referring to Nutella. (Costco sells extra large jars of it. You’re welcome).

The last of the Friday Favorites

Have a great weekend y’all! I’ll be off the grid all next week for our family beach vacation, but I’ll look forward to connecting with you when we get back.

It’s been a full year of “Friday Favorites” and I think this will be my final installment. Starting early summer I’ll have a new Friday series to share with you. Stay tuned! 😉


  1. Great post, Steph! Yay for Pete finishing his MBA and all the sacrificing your family has made to get to this point! Have a GREAT vacation! 🙂

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