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How I Became a CrossFit Mom (Part Four)


How I Became a CrossFit Mom – Part Four

This week I’ve blogged my journey through the frustration of the postpartum baby flab (Read Part One); how I discovered the CrossFit workout method and how I do it from my home (Read Part Two); and how I do CrossFit as a pregnant mama (Read Part Three).

Today I’ll share my favorite resources for getting started and/or staying motivated with CrossFit.

The most vital resource for sticking with CrossFit for the past year (pregnant and not pregnant) has been my support team: my husband. I don’t believe it’s easy for any mother to stick with an intense workout regimen long term without a support team to motivate, encourage, inspire, babysit (when he can) and challenge.


(The best workout coach I’ve ever had: my Hubs. Pic taken post 5K race we did together…clearly when I was not pregnant!)

I’ve met way too many stay-at-home moms whose husbands are a crutch rather than a support to their fitness goals. This is beyond crippling to any SAHM wanting to work out. We all need a cheering section, and our spouse is the best choice since he can ask on a daily basis “did you work out today?” and “how did it go?”.

My Hubs and I ask each other these two questions almost every night at dinner, and I can testify that knowing the questions are coming my way are sometimes the only thing that gets that sports bra on my body and those shoe laces tied…

My strong encouragement would be to sit down with your spouse and explain that working out is important to you for your own sake, and for the sake of your family (a healthy fit mama = a happy mama = a happy daddy = a happy family), and ask him to be your accountability partner, motivator, and encourager. For the long haul, you’ll need it!

Next, you’ll need to learn the basic workout moves that are frequently incorporated into CrossFit, and gather a few basic equipment items that you might already have in your house. It’s best if you can have on-hand a workout mat or soft surface for floor workouts, various size dumbbells, and a pull-up bar is also a great asset. However equipment items can come with time.

To learn the CrossFit moves, and how to pick a WOD (workout of the day), utilize the resources below.

[Note: These have ALL been immensely helpful to me – they are listed in no particular order:]


— CrossFit Mom: This website scales the daily CrossFit WODs for pregnant and post-partum women. There are three levels of intensity offered. Sometimes I even have to scale back the beginners WOD, but I find this website extremely useful. (You can subscribe to it on Bloglovin and get your daily WOD sent to you that way.)


— CrossFit Mamas: So much fun, encouragement, and WODs for busy moms. I love their 90 Day Challenge for moms – totally worth checking out. (Also available on Bloglovin).

crossift mamas logo

— The official site: Learn a basic intro to CrossFit, discover the prescribed WOD (workout of the day), view video tutorials of CrossFit moves (you’ll be amazed at how many tutorials they’ve compiled to teach you what to do!).

A note of caution about it’s easy to become intimidated or even scared to ever try CrossFit by viewing too many of their WOD video tutorials before you get started. The people in the videos are often totally ripped, practically full-time athletes, and to say they make a “normal” person feel out of their league is an understatement. So just keep in mind when you visit the CF website, some of these folks have been doing this a long time. You don’t have to look like them or lift like them to do CF.

— Discover inexpensive ways to make a CrossFit gym in your own garage. This PDF article is filled with ideas for every level!

— Pinterest! Search phrases such as “WOD” “Travel WOD” “CrossFit” “CrossFit Mom” etc and you’ll discovers TONS of home WODs that you can do as a beginner. You’ll also come across several blogs of Crossfitting mamas who share their story, offer WOD ideas, etc.


— Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. This is actually a paleo diet cookbook, but Sarah is first and foremost a CrossFit trainer and busy mom. Her CF information in this book was immensely help to me when I was getting started in CrossFit.

In the back of Everyday Paleo, Sarah has pictures of herself correctly doing many of the at-home CrossFit moves. She’ll show profile images and frontal images so you can get a good grasp of exactly how the move should look. Sarah’s picture demonstrations are for basic CrossFit moves you can do at home with minimal or no equipment. After she shows you how to do the moves, she then lists 20 WODs (with pictures) to get you started. Doing Sarah’s 20 WODS each twice would get you through your first two months of CrossFitting and you’d be amazed by the results!


(pic taken from page 266-267 of Everyday Paleo – Sarah demonstrating planks and plank push ups.)

Smartphone App:

— smartphone App “myWOD”


The myWOD app helps you track your progress, get ideas for WODs, and time your workouts. One of my favorite aspects is the CrossFit timers. I use this app to time “Tabatas’ which are extremely short WODs of 4 minutes “20 seconds intense workout, 8 seconds of rest” repeated in rounds. (Putting two or three tabatas together makes for a fantastic, intense WOD). The myWOD app also has a “travel WOD” section. This will be your close friend when you’re getting started, because the travel WODs assume you don’t have access to a lot of gym equipment.

[Example from myWOD: Travel WOD #2: 10 rounds for time: 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats.]

My “Cliff Notes” version of all the information above: I’d use CrossFit Mamas or to get a daily WOD to do at home. Scale it back to what you can do at your level and build from there, and use Sarah Fragoso’s book or the videos on to learn how to correctly do each move.

Thanks to all of you who stuck with me through my CrossFit Mom series this week! I truly hope my journey inspires other mamas to give CrossFit a try. It truly has made such an immense difference in my life.

I’m happy to answer any questions you leave in the comment section of any of this week’s CrossFit posts. And I’m happy to revisit the topic in the future if I find there’s interest.

Happy Friday ya’all! Enjoy your weekend!

…and happy CrossFitting, Mamas!



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! You have truly inspired me to give CrossFit a try. I love your realistic approach, for real people!

  2. You’re like a Fit or Self magazine cover model!

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  6. Steph – the calicrossfit blog has been removed. Thanks for this post, by the way! I’m going to try to start doing WODs at home.

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