Posted by: littlebitofparadise | April 12, 2013

The Learning Tower by Little Partners: The Best Toddler Item You’ll Ever Own


The scene:

My kitchen. Dinner prep. 5:07 pm last evening.

The conversation:

Mark (my 2-year-old): Mommy, what’s this?

Me: That’s a head of cauliflower. We’re going to make mashed cauli to go with our dinner tonight.

Mark: Mommy what’s in this bag?

Me: That’s called spinach.

Mark: No mommy, it’s called SALAD.

Me: That’s right, we use it to make our salad.

Mark: Mommy? Can I help you?

This scenario and a hundred ones like it were made possible by the best thing the Hubs and I ever purchased for our toddlers: The Learning Tower by Little Partners. It’s an adjustable height platform that provides safety and flexibility while my little ones join me in the kitchen for work, play, learning, and companionship.

We use our Learning Tower more than any other contraption or toy or baby/toddler gizmo we’ve ever purchased, bar none. My kids climb in the tower while I’m prepping three meals a day. They most often eat their snacks in the Learning Tower. It’s where we experiment with coloring, drawing, painting, Playdough, puzzles, Legos, you name it. It’s where my little ones learn how to help me mix things in a bowl. It’s where they help put together our dinner salad.



A few weeks ago I wrote about our beyond-positive experience with the Learning Tower here. Not long after, the Hubs and I again spoke about purchasing a second tower for our kitchen. Yes, we knew it would make for a crowded kitchen area, but it has meant so much to our kids to be close to us in the kitchen (and with another baby joining our family this summer) we thought that perhaps a family of three toddlers could use two Learning Towers.


And so it was with great excitement that I received the advertisement on my church’s Yahoo mom’s group that another family was selling their Learning Tower. (Their son was now 6 yrs old so they didn’t need it anymore). We jumped at the opportunity to purchase a second one.


On Tuesday night, the Hubs put together our (new to us) Learning Tower. And my kitchen got a whole lot more crowded, and a whole lot more fun. My boys LOVE each having their own tower space. Somehow they’ve worked out between them “who’s tower is who’s.” It’s been fantastic!

In other fun news, the staff of Little Partners, the creators of the Learning Tower, read my blog post about the Learning Tower, and were happy to see pics of my 33 month old and 16 month old using it for so many wonderful things. Little Partners graciously sent us a Playhouse Kit to try out with our tower!




Let me just say – my kids went bonkers when we received the Playhouse Kit in the mail. My 2-year-old calls it our “tent” and he’s asked me to “please put the tent on my tower Mommy” pretty much as soon as he’s woken up for the past several mornings.

The Playhouse Kit could not be easier for a busy Mama (moi!) to attach to the Learning Tower. It attaches with a few strings that tie to the various sides of the tower, and wa-la: instant playhouse theater or popcorn stand for my kids.



Since my children are still very young, they aren’t quite using the Playhouse Kit to the full extent of it’s playfulness. They don’t quite “get” the concept of putting on a puppet show, so they sit behind the Playhouse curtain with their pile of puppets and stuffed animals and pop out gleefully with one of their fury friends, amidst gales of laughter. They think it’s utterly hilarious to have a “tent” on their tower.



I can imagine as my boys get older, I will have hours of peaceful blogging time while my kids act out stories with their Playhouse Kit. For now, we’re laughing and giggling and having fun in our new “tent.”



Thank you Little Partners for this wonderful gift!

Now I suppose the only thing to do is order a second Playhouse Kit, since after all: we now have two fairy tale castles in our kitchen.

Happy Friday y’all!

PS. For more information about the Learning Tower, the Learning Tower Playhouse Kit, and other fun add-ons for the Learning Tower, visit:


  1. Looks like a perfectly happy family! Learning tower looked pretty cool, but big. Did you opt for it instead of a stool due to safety? I think I fell off a stool once or twice in my youth.

    • Hi Stephen,
      Yes we opted for the Learning Tower instead of using a stool. Our boys took some nasty spills off stools before we got the tower.
      The great thing is the boys can climb in and out on their own with the Tower, and they are spill proof and tip proof.
      BTW Gabriel Thomas is adorable – I love seeing your baby posts on FB. Congrats to you and Libby!!

  2. I have always wondered if the towers were worth getting! good to know, thanks!

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