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Tuesday Quick Takes and Baby Gender Reveal (!!!)

Welcome to my Tuesday afternoon glass of herbal iced tea and a super-quick stream of consciousness before my boys wake up from nap time – so many exciting things to share with y’all!

1. Baby Gender Reveal

It’s a BOY!!!


Can y’all believe it?! Three bear cubs in three years! I am one extremely blessed (and utterly crazy? maybe!) Mama. The only person more excited than the Hubs and I (we were both hoping for a third boy and expecting a girl – haha) is our 2-year-old Mark. He tells everyone that he’s having another brother and the baby’s name will be Luke [Note: we are not intending to name baby #3 the same name as baby #2, but apparently our eldest either really likes our name choice or really likes his lil brother. Cuteness.]

I know nothing of the latest trends in little girl fashion, toys, activities or hairstyles, but I can guarantee this: I’m an expert in cleaning dirt out from under fingernails, I know the differences between an excavator, a backhoe, and a front end loader, I can name dinosaur species and most zoo animals, I can sing the theme songs from Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends from memory, and my heart skips a beat when I see a hook and ladder on the road when I’m driving (even if my bear cubs aren’t in the back seat at the time). For a girl raised in a house full of estrogen, I am having way to much fun in this house full of little men. I feel so blessed, and I can’t wait for the Three Musketeers to finally meet each other this summer.

2. Baby Shower Fun

We rarely have cause to decorate with pink and polka-dots around here, but they sure were on display last week! I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Lizzie Hadro of the blog Do You Live in a Rock. Liz gave birth to a baby girl, Charlotte Therese, at 3:47am this morning! (Congrats Liz and Mike!!)





I wanted to share a couple fun things from the party:

Diaper cake: The one I made for Liz was surprisingly easy. I designed it from the instructions I found on this blog via Pinterest. This method of constructing the cake was much easier than the method of rolling and taping each diaper (and I imagine it’s also much easier to deconstruct this way. When my mom made me a diaper cake for my baby shower, it took her forever to make and me forever to unwrap each diaper to put into use). I was really pleased with how the diaper cake turned out, and how “girly” it looked even though I used Target diapers (I mean really, how could I not use Target diapers???).


Baby shower game: for the party ice breaker I chose to do the Baby Jeopardy game from one of my favorite bloggers: Natalie the Busy Budgeting Mama (free printables here!).


[Fun fact: Natalie from TBBM blog was a classmate of Lizzie’s at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and Nat’s older sister is the creator of my favorite pregnancy body styler: the Blanqi. So small world all around!].

3. The Godmama’s Birthday

This past weekend my family was able to take a trip back to my folk’s house in Greenville, SC, where we celebrated my sister Mary’s birthday. Mary is Mark’s godmother, and my bear cub was so excited to have a party with his Aunt Mary. (Both boys enjoyed licking the fresh strawberry butter cream frosting off Aunt Mary’s candles).



My sister Mary is a police officer. The Hubs and I were able to visit Mary when she was on night shift at the station. We got to meet other officers on her team, and we got to sit in the dispatch room for a while and watch things in action. I must say I have renewed respect and admiration for what these men and women do every day. They truly are civil servants, and they are dang good at what they do. I’m a proud sister, and I’m thankful for those who serve.

4. My Redneck Son

My two year old had a monumental weekend. He conquered his fear of Pop Pop’s (my dad’s) big noisy Kubota tractor and took his first ride on Pop Pop’s lap. The ride lasted most of Saturday – the two of them dug holes for blueberry bushes and rode round and round the farm. My brave boy can’t wait to go back and drive the tractor again!



5. Pools, Picnics, and Sun, Glorious Sun

Summer has come to Northern Virginia. We literally went from highs in the 40s to highs in the mid 80s in the span of a few days. I think we just skipped spring altogether around here. The kids and I have been outside every possible moment. It’s been utterly blissful.





Late yesterday afternoon I took the kids to Target to buy diapers (of course) and an inflatable pool for the backyard. I’m proud to say my oodles of hot air actually went to good use this morning – blowing the crazy thing up. We’ve spent most of the day in the pool and the sun and we’ve eaten most of our meals outside this week. Thank goodness for warm weather finally – this Florida native is happy happy happy.

6. The Best Advice I Ever Received from Weight Watchers

I’m ashamed to say the post-Easter Steph has been struggling to eat healthily and avoid all the processed sugar, bad carbs, etc that I usually keep out of my diet. I made the mistake of allowing a bit of Easter candy in the house after midnight on March 31st. And I made the further mistakes of freezing leftover Easter desserts, and running into my favorite southern grocery store this past weekend to buy my favorite bakery-made chocolate chip cookies ever. Bad decisions for this preggers girl all around.

Yesterday I was feeling gross – disgusted by my bad eating choices and discouraged by the sugary bloated feeling that’s becoming too familiar. Ugh.

Then I remembered something I learned from Weight Watchers a year ago when I joined online to loose the baby #2 weight. WW said that when you have a bad day of “cheating” or indulging way outside your allotted points, do not get discouraged. Just call it a day, and realize that tomorrow is a new day with no eating mistakes or bad choices in it. Weight Watchers said to simply start again, start anew, and keep going…to not let the discouragement lead to more bad choices.

I woke up today with a renewed commitment to get rid of the post-Easter junk and start being “good” again in the food department. I threw out the rest of my beloved chocolate chip cookies before breakfast this morning. I’m planning to ask the Hubs when he comes home from work today to hold my feet to the fire when it comes to keeping the junk food and sugary stuff out of our house. I’ve eaten clean all day, and I feel so much better about everything.

So if any of my friends out there have been struggling like I have with bad post-Easter-Sunday choices, be encouraged by that good advice from Weight Watchers, and be challenged to start a new chapter tomorrow morning. I hope we can encourage and challenge each other to stay committed to our goals.

Have a fabulous week y’all! I hope and pray the sun is shining just as brightly in your little bit of paradise as it is out my window today.





  1. Hi Stephanie! Just seeing your gem of a blog for the first time :). Your 2 little boys are so cute!! and congrats on baby boy #3!!

    I just started WW to shed baby weight from my Hope. Thanks for the advice :).

    I want to follow your post, just trying to figure out if word press can be seen on google reader or bloglovin.
    God bless!!

    • Hi Kristin!
      Thanks so much! Your kiddos are adorable as well!
      I think you can follow my blog now at Bloglovin – I just joined the site this past weekend and started following myself today (LOL).
      Love to you and your family!!!

  2. The great thing about having the same gender is you get to use your favourite baby clothes again. They are so darn cute and they grow out of em so fast. I have boy, girl, boy and gave my clothes away when my sister had her pregnancy. When she returned the boy clothes I was like where are the cute Carter sweaters I gave you?! where’s the plaid button shirts? etc, etc! Also, thanks for the Blanqi info, hoping G-d will give me baby no. 4 so I can wear it someday.

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