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Happy Easter and Tuesday Quick Takes

mark&luke easter

Happy Easter friends! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

We had a festive and totally fun day celebrating our King’s Triumph and Victory. The morning started with our boys coming down the stairs to find their long-awaited Easter baskets (Mark asked on at least 37 of the 40 days of Lent “Is today Easter?” He was stoked for Resurrection Sunday.) The Hubs and I received the biggest gift – watching their awe-struck faces as they reached in to find little treasures in their baskets.




We had a rainy, rather cold Easter here on the East Coast. But my boys and I braved the cold and wet and wore our spring/Easter best nonetheless. (There was no way I was going to dress my bear cubs in full winter gear when I had been dreaming of them in their new blue pinstripe seersucker suits for weeks!

Here are some pics from our Easter early morning. Please excuse the wet soppy curls displayed by Luke and myself.


Petekids1 IMG_2327IMG_2308

Tuesday Quick Takes:

1. Best Carrot Cake Ever


I was tasked with bringing the desserts to the annual Weinert family gathering on Easter. I can’t tell you how much inner debate I go through trying to pick what dessert(SSS) to make for a family holiday. I love baking so much; combined with my Pinterest addiction it’s almost impossible to narrow the field and make a final decision!

Nonetheless, I had grande success with my list of sweets this year. I made sugar-coma-inducing decorated chocolate cupcakes for the kids and cousins, my mom’s to-die-for almond pound cake served with fresh raspberry sauce, and for the “main” dessert I made what one pinner on Pinterest called “The Best Carrot Cake Ever.”

Mild tangent – do you have any idea how many pinners think they have the best carrot cake ever recipe on Pinterest? It takes five minutes to scroll the list!

But I think I actually did hit the mother load with this recipe. It truly tasted like the penultimate carrot cake. Raves and requests for seconds all around. Check out the recipe on my Easter board on Pinterest, or from here.

2. Seder Supper Success

Last week I blogged about my ideas for a toddler-friendly Seder Supper on Holy Thursday. I’m happy to report it was a major success! Our kids loved it. In fact, my two-year-old has asked for a similar meal at almost every dinner since last Thursday. His favorite part was having his own goblet of “wine” (sparkling grape juice.) Not exactly sure how much dinner he actually ate that night, but he sure filled up on juice.

Not to worry, the other bear cub licked the platter clean – his and everyone else’s (this baby loves lamb meatballs!)

Here are a few pics from our Holy Thursday crafting and Seder meal:










3. Grill Mates

Yesterday’s high of 64 degrees made us feel like mayyyybe – just maybe – spring is here to stay. So we fired up the grill for dinner, as we often do on spring evenings. A couple years ago my Dad got the Hubs and I majorly hooked on Weber Grill seasonings. Have any of y’all given them a try? Delish! We love these spice combos so much that we rarely ever grill without them. We use their Chicago Steak, Kickin’ Chicken, and Gourmet Burger varieties alllll spring and summer long. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an easy extra kick in your summer grilling!


4. Mercy Day Yummies

The Feast of the Divine Mercy is this coming Sunday. Ever since my conversion to Catholicism, I’ve always loved this feast day. Last year when I launched my blog, one of my very first posts was about toddler-friendly ideas for celebrating this feast day. You can check out that Divine Mercy blog post here.

5. Getting Rid of Unwanted Visitors

Every spring since I’ve lived in northern Virginia, it seems that as soon as the spring thaw comes, the trail of scouting ants through my kitchen starts. Every. single. spring. I don’t know why they think I have something tasty to offer them on my counter, but alas – they seem to think so.

The miracle solution to the spring ant invasion is a little potion called Terro. The stuff is amazing. A drop on a piece of cardboard placed where the ant trail will find it is all you need – within 48 hours we won’t see ants in our house for the rest of spring. I don’t know how it works, but I know it does. If any of y’all are lucky enough to also receive unwanted spring visitors, get Terro. And you’re welcome. 😉


6. Luckiest Housewife: me!

A firefighter showed up in my kitchen to help me do the dishes this morning. If only every housewife could be so lucky, eh? It’s hard to get anything done around here with the distraction of such handsome cuteness!


Have a great week y’all!



  1. Happy Easter, Steph! Great post and you all look fabulous!!!!

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