Posted by: littlebitofparadise | March 7, 2013

An Empty Cart and a Full Heart

I had another one of those “motherhood moments” recently. You know, the kind where you realize you’ve just learned something important about yourself and your role as a Mama.

It was a weeknight and I discovered as we were putting our boys to bed that I had miscalculated how many diapers we had left in the house. Instead of another box of ’em, we had just about nada. Major oopsie in a house with two bear cubs.

So that meant a late night emergency errand to my home away from home: Target.

It felt odd to pull into a parking lot so familiar and jump out of the car, swinging only my handbag onto my arm instead of 35 lbs. of baby. I was inside the store and halfway to the baby section in the time it usually takes to wrestle two kids into a shopping cart in the parking lot.

Inside the store, it got even “odder.” Here I was, chucking extra large boxes of diapers into the back of my empty cart (not struggling to get them to fit in the bottom part of the cart so I had enough room for kids and groceries on the top.) I wasn’t trying to pacify any impatient children. I wasn’t dolling out snacks. I wasn’t asking small children to please use their “inside voice.” I wasn’t strolling down the Hot Wheels and Thomas the Train aisle so two in our party could drool over toys on their wish list. I wasn’t trying to speed through the rest of the aisles to get my list taken care of before someone needed a diaper change or had just plain “had enough.” And wonder of wonders, my handbag had a place to sit in the front of the cart!

It was quiet. And easy. And relaxing.

And kinda lonely.

In the middle of that diaper aisle, I had an odd prick in my heart that I was NOT expecting.

You see, if there is any “store outing” place that I always take my boys with me, it’s to Target. They love strolling through the toy aisles. They love having a snack in the cart while I check the items off my shopping list. They love chatting with the checkout lady, or the Starbucks Barrista (if I’ve allowed myself to indulge). They love the sites and sounds and they know every inch of that store.

This is what my load usually looks like in Target:



So this shopping cart felt almost weird:


I realized in the middle of that diaper aisle that I actually LIKE taking my kids on outings. I actually like their company, their antics, their charming, hilarious convos and observations about people and things they see in the store.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional “me time” outing by myself. [Just in case the Hubs happens to read this, I love love love LOVE me-time outings!]

But that quiet, carefree, easy breezy night in Target taught me how much I appreciate the company of my two favorite crazy bear cubs. The blessing of having their company and being their mom far outweighs the burden of taking them with me on my errands.

Love you, my little men!


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