Posted by: littlebitofparadise | February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites: My Magic Trick

After all the help it’s given me this week, it’s only right that I pay tribute in today’s Friday Favorites to a product that has saved my “Mama bacon” more times than I can count.

Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers really are pure magic at our house. I have gotten stains out of walls, floors, furniture, the kitchen, the bathroom, you name it, that would otherwise have likely become permanent artistic features in our home.


Just this week…

– I mentioned in a previous blog how my toddler had decorated the back of his bedroom door (during “nap” time) with a crayon. Magic Eraser cleaned that art project up with a few swipes of my extra strength Eraser.

– The wall and furniture within throwing distance of my baby’s high chair have a tendency to get caked with thrown-and-dried food. Which can be a stinker to clean. After scrubbing for several minutes with kitchen spray and a rag, I grabbed my Eraser. My eat-in-kitchen looked brand spanking new in just a few minutes!

– I prefer wooden, old-fashioned looking high chairs in my home. I’d rather the high chair look like an attractive piece of furniture rather than a huge hunk of plastic in my dining room. I know everyone has different tastes, opinions, and preferences on this topic, but I definitely am in the “make the high chair cute” camp. The downside is the cracks and crevices in a wooden high chair with design – easy for food to get super-glued to the wood. Yuck. The magic eraser is a DREAM tool on my Eddie Bauer dark cherry wood high chair. It does’t take care of the “distressing” my boys have given the wood, but it does take care of the grime!

– My toddler has been totally into stickers of late. Decorating art projects with stickers is his preferred project of choice while I do my morning chores. The downside is I’m finding stickers half glued to things all over my house – the floor, the kitchen counter, furniture, and the worst this week was he covered our chalk board/white board easel on both sides with stickers. It took me FOREVER to scrape those bad boys off the easel. I got everything off except for the residue glue that wouldn’t budge. I thought our easel was ruined forever until I pulled out the Magic Eraser. No joke – 35 seconds and both sides of the easel looked like new.

Great for cleaning just about anything, making walls look like they just had a fresh coat of paint, bathrooms sparkle, I could go on and on ad nauseum…

I’m extremely grateful to Mr. Clean for a product that makes this Mama’s life a whole lot easier.

Happy Friday y’all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with those you love.

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