Posted by: littlebitofparadise | November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Toddler Talk

Can I just say I love having a two-year-old? My little Toddler Bear has become such a fun companion now that his vocabulary has grown and his verbal skills have developed. We all know kids say the darndest things, but here are just a few recent favs that make my heart melt and my throat laugh and my lips smile. All the time.

Mark: “Mommy, Daddy is really really really really really really really REALLY sorry.”

Me: “What is Daddy sorry for Mark?”

Mark: “Daddy is REEEEaly sorry he used the mower because it’s so LOUD.”

Mark: “LISTEN!” (holding his hands up over his ears)

Me: “Listen to what buddy?”

Mark: “Daddy’s wheels are on the road! Daddy is coming home!”

Me: “Mark, whose birthday do we celebrate on Christmas Day?”

Mark: “MARK’S! Yaaaaay!!!” (clapping hands)

Mark: “Mommy the fire truck is NOT at the station any more.”

Me: “Where did the fire truck go, Mark?”

Mark: “Fire truck is at Chicken Fries (his term for Chick Fil A.). The fireman wants his lunch!”

Mark: “Tomorrow is going to be Saturday.”

Me: “Sorry buddy tomorrow is Thursday.”

Mark: “No Mommy SATURDAY. Daddy is going to take us to the farm.”

(In Church last Sunday):

Me: “Mark, do you see that stained glass window? That’s Saint John of the Cross.”

Mark (pointing to the next window): “Look Mommy! That one is Saint Daddy!”

Mark: “I’m telling you Mommy!”

Me: “Telling me what buddy?”

Mark: “Mommy! I’m telling you! Daddy told me not to spill my glass so it breaked on the floor.”

(I’ve been trying to teach Mark the Christmas story about the three Wise Men. Clearly I’ve done very well…)

Mark: “Daddy, the three kings went to see Baby Jesus.”

Hubs: “That’s right Mark! The kings came to worship Jesus at the manger.”

Mark: “Noooo Daddy! The three kings and five angels took Jesus to the airport to get on the plane!”

(During bedtime prayer intentions, we always pray for my brother-in-law, Patrick, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan).

Mark: “And God please bless Uncle Patrick in his big helicopter flying in the sky up to the moon.”

Happy Friday Y’all!


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