Posted by: littlebitofparadise | October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites: A Moment in Time

Some weeks are more memorable than others; I suppose some are downright forgettable. But there’s a brief little moment from this week that I know I’ll remember for a long, long time.

It was Monday morning, and the bear cubs and I were off to a rough start (bear cubs were grumpy, and I was PMS-y. Translate: I was grumpy too). As I loaded one cub into his car seat for our trip to the grocery store, he threw a tantrum because I had put the “wrong” shoes on his feet. And he didn’t want to wear socks. The other (baby) bear pooped massively just as I was putting him in his seat. So with the car doors open and the other cub still screaming in his seat about the socks, I had to run back inside to change the baby.

Finally sliding behind the wheel to start our morning adventure, I looked up to find this staring at me:


My sweet Hubs had written this note on an index card and placed it in my car on his way to work at 5:45 a.m.

As usual, his timing was impeccable. This little note completely transformed my trip to the store. And my day. In fact, I think it was the highlight of my entire week. A magnet is now holding the note onto my refrigerator door, and every time it catches my eye, it makes me smile all over again.

Random, spontaneous acts of kindness truly bring so much joy to those who give and receive them. There is mysterious power and beauty in their ability to touch and transform our lives.

In his book The Hidden Power of Kindness (HIGHLY recommended by yours truly!), Fr. Lawrence Lovasik reminds his readers of the great rewards and benefits of acts of kindness. He writes:

“The double reward of kind words is the happiness they cause in you and in others. When a kind word proceeds from your lips, it blesses you first. A kind word fills you with gladness that gain or pleasure can never procure. A moment when God is so near as almost to be felt is nearly always the reward of a kind word.

Of all the gifts of nature to man, the one that brings the most rejoicing is sunshine. So, too, are sunny human beings. The most blessed of gifts is kindly affection. Like the sun, it will bring forth flowers of kindness. A few kind words or a little forbearance will often raise the shutters in your house, darkened by the clouds of discord and unhappiness, to let in a flood of sunshine.”

I’m so grateful for this sweet note and for the wonderful man who wrote it. And I hope to be more watchful in the future for opportunities to bless others with random, yet meaningful, words of kindness and encouragement.

Happy Friday y’all!

(And to my Hubs: thank you for being my sunshine! xoxo)

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