Posted by: littlebitofparadise | October 19, 2012

Friday Favorites: Apples and Pumpkins in a Can

Just this week I discovered a new household product that I’ve fallen in love with – quickly enough that it deserves to be featured in this week’s Friday Favorites.

I found a “household air freshener” that actually smells natural and wonderful and yummy and non-fake and non-nauseating all at the same time:


(Pardon the poorly taken picture – writing this way too late on a Thursday night).

I’m not a big fan of fake household air fresheners that don’t come from a candle. Spraying the house down in Febreeze or Glade has always been kind of yucky in my book, because I feel like it leaves my house with a “faux clean” smell, not a really yummy real one.

But this past Monday during my weekly Target ritual, I spotted the Glade “Limited Edition Fall Collection” of air fresheners. They are on sale this week at Target, and with names like “Apple Cinnamon Family Recipe” and “Maple Pumpkin Spice” I simply couldn’t resist the urge to see how bad they could possibly be.

It turns out they are deliciously fragrant in every way! I’m resisting the urge to spray down my house several times a day because I love when my casa smells like I’m walking through the local apple orchard over squashed newly dropped apples covered in dew. And that’s what my guest bathroom smells like at this very moment thanks to a spray can of good ol’ Glade.

In addition to the Target sale, here are some extra Glade coupons for any curious readers who want to check out a Glade Fall scent: (note: some of the coupons have expired but some still work just fine.)

Happy Friday y’all!


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