Posted by: littlebitofparadise | September 18, 2012

A Glimpse of Paradise

Those of you who subscribe to my blog feed probably thought I’d officially lost my mind yesterday when random pics appeared in my blog-less blog entry. That’s called “trying to blog via the WordPress App on your phone while bouncing an unhappy teething infant on your hip and accidentally pushing the wrong button.” LOL. Some forms of multitasking just aren’t meant to be, as I’m learning slowly enough to ensure I increase in humility.

Ahhh, fun times.

I just received a sweet email from one of my readers. This young mom told me she absolutely loves reading my blog, even though my blog makes her wish she could be more put together in her motherhood and homemaking like me.

Ha! and “Ahhhhgghhh!” were precisely the two words that came out audibly when I read her email.

Those who know what real life is like here in my little piece of paradise can testify that my motherhood and my homemaking are far (as in faaaaaaar) from perfect. My greatest desire with this blog is to paint a real-life picture of young family life. Yes, it’s wonderful, it’s blissful, it’s full of joy and merriment and love and happiness. But it’s real. Which means it’s crazy, it’s chaotic, it’s hard, it’s messy. Sometimes it’s downright dirty!

So just for fun and to prove my point, I took the following pictures of what my house looked like at precisely 2:23pm ET yesterday afternoon.

Behold my beautiful family room (it was laundry day…)

Observe my pristine living room-turned-play-room:


Check out my spotless kitchen sink:


And of course I’ve cleaned up after baby bear’s lunchtime disaster! (cough)


And here’s me, in front of laundry load number 3 in the dryer, positively radiant in my workout clothes. Check out that glowing sweat-stained post-run-with-the-boys face!

Alas, as you can plainly see, June Cleaver doesn’t live at my house. Nor does Martha Stewart. Just Steph and the Hubs and their two crazy bear cubs. We’re real, we’re messy, we work hard, play hard, cry hard, laugh hard. We do the best we can.

….But is it still a little bit of paradise all the same?

You betcha!



  1. Some of those pictures look pretty familiar!!

  2. Haha, it’s so funny – this blogosphere we have. I read once on a blog of a homeschooling, craft-making, dinner perfecting, faith teaching stay at home mom something to the effect of this: ~I’ve received several emails along the years asking just how I do it – with so many kids and the schooling and cooking and housekeeping, etc. Well, I don’t. Remember that as you read this blog you’re reading and seeing what I want you too. It’s all honest, but it’s not every detail of my life. The blog wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable or entertainging if I told you about how I dropped my two year old on their head after dinner exploded on the stove just as the washing machine was bubbling over. Okay, that might be entertaining. But the point is – I’m HUMAN. I have the same messes you do, the same doubts you do, the same questions you do. I just keep them out of the blogosphere…most of the time.~

    That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close. Haha, I thought of it when I was reading your post – just the same sort of response – you’re a real, live, human woman…perhaps a little more saintly than some of us…but plain ole human woman all the same. 🙂

    Thanks for the post! I’m in love with Little Bit of Paradise! It feels like you live a lot closer. 🙂 BIG HUGS!!

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