Posted by: littlebitofparadise | September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites: Fall Fashion

Here are some great articles, tutorials, and ideas for getting your Fall wardrobe updated for the 2012 season. Hope you enjoy reading these while you sip a pumpkin spice latte, inhale deeply from a “Harvest Welcome” Yankee Candle, and daydream about who will win this weekend and when the leaves will start to change color.

[Yeah, I love Fall].

Happy Friday Y’all!

1. 50+ Ways to Tie a Scarf. Love this!







2. Sock Look-alike look for tall boots: all of the cuteness with none of the bunchy bulkiness in your boots!








3. 2012 Fashion Trend: Can you wear white after Labor Day?

Heck yeah girlfriend!





4. Vogue’s Essential Guide to Boots for the Fall. Keep some Kleenex on hand to wipe up the drool problem you’ll have reading this article. I am so on the lookout for a new pair of brown tall boots this Fall. If you hear of any awesome boot sales, message me chicas!






5. The  hottest colors for Fall 2012. Pantone’s Fall pallet for Fashion Week 2012. I love keeping this in mind even while at thrift sales (fashion colors come and go and come back you know!) and also for updating the ol’ nail polish collection.

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