Posted by: littlebitofparadise | August 22, 2012

Motherhood Lesson #7894: Don’t Run Out of Dry Rice or OxiClean

When I was little, my dad would often say “Gee whiz kids are expensive!” It was usually when one of the eight of us broke something, spilled something, threw out by mistake something, or begged to get something.

But his words didn’t fully sink in until I had kids of my own. Now I know what he was talking about. It’s not that the kids themselves are expensive. It’s what they DO that really gets ya.

Last Tuesday morning, as I was making oatmeal for my cherub of a two year old, he climbed up (yep, moved a dining room chair over and used that) on the kitchen counter, picked up my brand-new iPhone 4GS, and plopped it into a perfectly full 32 oz. cup of water.

I didn’t scream out load but I sure screamed on the inside! I immediately pulled the phone out of the water, took it out of its protective case, and began the futile attempt at drying it off. I could see in a matter of seconds that it was dying a slow painful death.

I had heard from my sister and a few friends that if you put a soaked cell phone in a zip lock bag or a bowl of dry uncooked rice, and leave it there for 5-7 days, the phone will sometimes dry out as good as new. So, into a bag of rice my phone went, and it stayed there until yesterday. It looks like my battery is shot, but the phone turned back on as soon as I plugged it in! Whew.

Yesterday afternoon, my toddler bear was coloring on his brand new easel (awesome thrift store find!) with the brand new white board markers his mama had bought him at IKEA. I assumed the markers were waterproof (why wouldn’t markers featured in the children’s section of a store be waterproof? I mean c’mon, right?) Anyway, I found out they were not when my lil’ cherub walked up to my pile of neatly folded and hanging up laundry and started drawing purple lines on his daddy’s favorite dress shirt. EEeek!

A night soaking in OxiClean saved my bacon once again. Truly, that stuff is a miracle product. OxiClean has saved so many clothing articles in our home.

So, my motherhood lessons of the week: Don’t run out of rice or OxiClean when you have boys in the house. And check the fine print  when you buy your boys markers. And even though your kids are expensive, those little impish faces are priceless. Wouldn’t trade ’em for the world!



  1. great post, Steph! And pics! I especially love that one of Mark with the watering can….precious!

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