Posted by: littlebitofparadise | August 17, 2012

Friday Favorites: British Mini Series

The Hubs and I love BBC and Masterpiece Classics mini series. We’ve had so many wonderful “date night ins” in our marriage thanks to several classics, some oldies, and some new releases from across the pond. Here are our top six favorites (so far!)

1. Pride and Prejudice (1995 version). Mr. Darcy. ‘Nough said.

2. Foyle’s War. Chronicles the life and adventures of Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle before and during World War II. We both wanted to cry when we watched the final episode of the last season – not because it was sad, but because there were no more Foyle’s War date nights to be had. We enjoyed this series SO much.

3. Sherlock. This is a relatively new series but we love it so far. A modern take on the Old Sherlock (as in, Dr. Watson is still his best bud, but they live in 21st century London. And Sherlock carries an iPhone…).

4. North and South. Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s classic, BBC did a masterful job with the script and the cast.

5. Little Dorrit. We were surprised how much we loved this rendition of the Charles Dickens classic, but it was really good!

6. Downton Abbey. Can’t wait for January 2013 and season 3!

Happy Friday y’all!



  1. Wives and Daughters and then Cranford…also awesome! Nothing beats a BBC miniseries night in! Seriously! : )

  2. We LOVED Sherlock!! And I love Downton Abbey. John can’t get into DA now because he didn’t start it from the beginning (because he kept refusing to watch so I impatiently started without him.) I think we watched the Sherlocks in like two days. We were sad at the end of it because we want it to go on forever!!

    Side note: the Brits really do TV right. John has pointed that out since the original English version of The Office. They don’t drag series on forever and ever. It seems like (with the exception of Top Gear) they don’t have season after season after season. The seem to generally end on a good note, making you still love the show and wanting more. Sad that you still want more, but at least you don’t end up hating the series by the end of it like I do with alot of American series. It’s like some great accomplishment over here if you make is 10 seasons (even thouh you love 1/2 your audience) and over there they feel accomplished because they cut a show off at 4 season and still had a growing audience! 🙂 Amen for the BBC and Masterpiece Classics! Side, side note: One series has stood up to the test of time in my opinion. Friends remains my favorite American series. It lasted 10 seasons and I can still watch each and every one of those episodes time and time again and still laugh till I ache and cry until my face is swollen.

  3. Have you tried Doc Martin? It’s like House but not so twisted. I think you’d like “Inspector Lewis” with all the Oxford/ Lit/ Theology references and Latin quotations. And I’m just starting “Upstairs, Downstairs”, a few years behind the rest of the world.

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