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Friday Favorites: Pampering My Husband

In honor of Father’s Day, this week’s Friday Favorites is:

Five Favorite Ways to Pamper My Hubby When He Gets Home from Work:

The Hubs works SO HARD for our family all week long. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it: working a fulltime job with an insanely early alarm and a bear of a commute into the city each day, while simultaneously working on his MBA from Georgetown University, maintaining a stellar GPA. I guess that’s how he earns the nickname “MacGyver” around these parts. ;O)

When he gets home from work, I want him to feel like he’s returning to his very own little bit of paradise. I want him to find a warm, inviting, peaceful place where he can relax, kick back and enjoy his family.

Granted, some days he walks in the door to find a makeup-free wife in gym shorts and bumming one of his old Army sweatshirts, carrying a screaming teething bear cub on one arm and trying to placate the tantrum-throwing toddler cub with the other arm. Paradise definitely takes many different forms at this stage of family life.

But on a good day, when paradise isn’t quite so lost on all of us, here are my favorite ways to say “welcome home” to the best man I know:

1. Five Minute Pick-up of the House. I explain our “quick pickup” routine in an earlier blog here. However, if it’s “one of those days” and I can’t get the house in shape before 5pm, at the bare minimum I make sure the master bed is made and our room is tidy. After all, that’s our sanctuary and it should look like it.

2. Breadmaker. The Bible says man cannot live on bread alone, but husbands sure love life with a little bread, too. If the house smells like baking whole wheat bread when MacGyver walks in the door…well, you should just see the smile on his face. Paradise exists in his world even if everything and everyone else is falling apart. Best wedding gift EVER.

3. Scented Candles. I’m of the opinion that a house that smells nice has a way of looking nice – perhaps even nicer than the state it’s actually in. However my husband has one request, on behalf of all husbands, to the housewives of the world: he says please don’t buy the Yankee Candles that smell like buttercream frosting, sugar cookies, or peanut butter pie. In his words “it’s too much of a letdown to walk into a house smelling like a bakery only to discover it’s just a candle!”

4. Make dessert. My hubby loves sweets and I love to be the enabler to his sweet tooth. Even if dinner is nothing more spectacular than leftovers, I try to make sure we have something low-cal but delicious to enjoy after the bear cubs go to bed.  I have a repertior of Weight Watchers dessert recipes that we both love, I stalk Chocolate Covered Katie’s Blog for new ideas, and we always keep popcorn in the house for movie nights and TV veg nights.

5. Primp. Sometimes I don’t get out of my yoga pants and tank top until 4:30pm, but I try to make sure it’s before 5 o’clock. I used to spend wicked amounts of time primping for my Stud when he was picking me up for a date. Why should I spend less time doing it now that he’s given me a gorgeous ring and promised to love and cherish me forever?

Fun Fact: Here’s a delicious, semi-healthy dessert recipe I often make. It’s most low-cal if you stick to the original Weight Watchers one-point recipe and leave out the mini-chocolate chips. But let me tell you: it’s worth every single extra calorie. Promise!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes: (Makes 24 servings)

One box devil’s food cake mix

One small can of pumpkin

One cup of water

1/2 to 3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips

Mix all together with a whisk or wooden spoon, and follow cake box instructions for baking. (About 18 minutes at 350 in my oven). Freeze extras and pop them in the microwave whenever you want a little sweet treat.

Happy Friday y’all!


  1. Stephanie, I can’t tell you how uplifted and encouraged I always am by reading your blogposts! I love the little joys you focus on in this hard but beautiful vocation of marriage & family! Thank you 🙂

    • Aw, thanks Kallah! I feel like I hardly know anything about this whole blogging thing, but it’s become a fun outlet for me to write a bit during naptimes and on nights my Hubs has class. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your blog, Stephanie. I’m going to try making the chocolate pumpkin muffins tonight. God bless!

    • Thanks Laura! I hope you enjoy the pumpkin muffins. I made them Friday night and my family enjoyed them all weekend long. 🙂 Hope all is well with you!

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