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Message for My Little Man

Dear Mark,

Two years ago today you made your grand appearance in this world and changed your dad and mom’s lives forever. You have brought so much joy, laughter, and fun to our family, and we cannot imagine life without you in it.

During your first year of life, I occasionally typed out stories of your daily adventures and emailed them to your Grandparents and Godparents (this was before Mommy had a Blog to share stories of your antics!). Your Grandma told me that I should save these stories in a file to give you one day, and that I should stick them in your babybook too. So that’s what I’m going to do. And in honor of your birthday today, I thought I’d post two of the stories here. These made me really smile this morning as I remembered fun stories about you.

I can’t wait to see what adventures you and I will have together during your year being two! Your Daddy and I hope you have a super fun and happy year. And most importantly, our prayer for you this year and throughout every year of your life is that you will love and obey Jesus, and “do justice, love mercy, and walk humby with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Love, Your Mama

Story #1 – Written February 17, 2011:

Hi Family!
I had a funny day and had to share what Mark’s been up to. While he’s been “scooting” on his belly for weeks, he learned how to really crawl like a pro this week. Which has made my day today an adventure:
6am: I left him on the family room rug for the 60 seconds it took me to get a cup of coffee, and while pouring my mug I heard a huge crash. I turned around to find that Mark had crawled over to the fire place and somehow managed to pull the gold/metal decorative strip completely off our fireplace.
7:45am – Tried to send 2 work emails while Mark played with books at my feet. Or so I thought…I looked down and he had crawled over to Pete’s desk and was sucking on his laptop cord. (Sorry Mom…it was only for a sec I think 😉
10am: Mark has learned to stand up in the crib, and had a wobbly moment and crashed his face into the railing. He officially has his first black and blue cheek.
Noon – we took a long walk through our neighborhood on this gorgeous day. Mark hooted and hollared at every dog and truck we passed. He called them all “dada” (sorry Pete).
3pm: During our trip to Costco, I turned to stick something in the cart, and in the meantime Mark reached in my purse, pulled out my pile of coupons, and had chewed half of them into wet shreds by the time I turned back around (Pete says the extra protein is good for him – haha).
4pm – As I was trying to put the Costco groceries away, Mark crawled over to the end table in our family room and learned that he was strong enough to shake the legs and actually move the table enough to get all three of Dad’s remote controls to bounce off onto the floor. Apparently he finds them tasty too (I DO feed this kid normal food, promise!)
5:30pm – we just finished bathtime, and of course our bathroom is a flood because he splashes so much, but he has a blast in the bath.
Anyway, today I realized fully that I gave birth to a BOY. Haha! I think from today on out it’s going to be harder and harder to keep up with his little adventurous body, but it’s so great – he is finding so much joy and pleasure in all his he-man discoveries. And hopefully I’ll learn quickly how to be a better mother and baby proof my house.
I hope everyone is well, and I’d love to hear how everyone is doing when you have the chance!
Steph and Tarzan (aka Mark)
PS. Pete says he’s going to Home Depot this weekend to load up on Superglue.

Story #2 – Written August 2011:

Mark’s First Thunderstorm

Last night between midnight and 2am we had the thunderstorm of the century at our house. I learned on the 6am news that we even had hail in our area. The storm started with a thunder crack so loud and close it sounded like it was going to split our house in two – I nearly jumped across the room!

So needless to say I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard Mark getting upset in his room. When I walked in, he was standing up in his crib, holding his “blankey”, waiting for me.

As soon as I walked in he pointed to the windows where lighting was flashing and rain was pounding and said “TRACTOR??”. “No baby,” I replied. “That’s thunder and lightning.”

I picked him up and we moved to the rocking chair in his room, thinking to myself that this will be my first opportunity of motherhood to comfort a child during a storm. As we sat down, Mark looked at me, pointed to the ceiling, and said “SKY?” “Yes Mark,” I replied, “There is rain and thunder and lightning in the sky right now. But don’t worry, we are safe inside and Mommy and Daddy will protect you.”

This seemed to satisfy him and he put his head on my chest for maybe 60 seconds. Then he sat bolt upright, pointed across the room to his picture of Jesus and holy water font (which is an image of Jesus). “JESUS!” he said, and made the sign language request “please” with his hand. So we got up, walked over to Jesus, and we both made the sign of the cross with the holy water.

Mark seemed satisfied everything was okay. He put his head on my shoulder and pointed to his crib (he’s never done THAT before – asked to go back to bed?!?). So, a little surprised, I put him back in the crib. He rolled over, closed his eyes, and seemed perfectly at peace, as the rain pounded his windows, the thunder shook his walls, and lightning screeched across the room.

I walked back to my bed slightly shocked at how my night was going – very differently than what I had anticipated just minutes before. My thought as I crawled into bed was “When Jesus said we have to have the faith of a child, he must’ve meant all little kids – not just six year olds”.

For our little Mark seemed to grasp something last night that we haven’t even had a chance to teach him:

“Even the wind and the waves obey him.” – Mark 4:41

Happy #2 Birthday Mark!









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