Posted by: littlebitofparadise | June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites: Blogs & Bloggers

Friday Favorites for June 1, 2012: Five Favorite Blogs I Follow

Here are five favorite blogs that I LOVE to browse. These blogs encourage and inspire me as a wife, a mom, a housewife, a cook, and a home decorator. I hope you check them out and enjoy!

1. August Fields. This mom-blogger inspires me BIG TIME. She is preggers, has five kids, homeschools, and is currently my favorite DIY-er and interior designer in the Blogosphere. Love her inexpensive but adorable birthday party ideas for her kids, and you MUST check out the homeschool classroom she and her hubby designed and built for their home. I so covet every inch of that room. It’ll make you want to homeschool your kids even if you’re not a fan of homeschooling!

2. Kalyn’s Kitchen. Kalyn lost a ton of weight following the Southbeach method of a low-bad-carbs lifestyle. She posts hundreds of scrumptious recipes that fit into the Southbeach model for Phases 1-3, but they are delicious enough to stand on their own even if you don’t care the least about eating low-carb. I love her soups and stews recipes in particular. Her monthly “recipe roundup” is definitely worth the read.

3. Chocolate Covered Katie. Healthy. Low-Cal. Delicious. Chocolate. Anyone who can put those four words together in a recipe deserves my undying gratitude. Katie’s blog is full of wonderful recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and satisfy your desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. LOVE IT.

4. Whisked Away. This cooking and baking blog is written by Dagny, my awesome friend from college. Her wit and common sense make this blog an enjoyable read even if you’re not the least bit interested in spending time in your kitchen. But if you ARE interested in cooking, then you’ll love Dag’s blog even more. She breaks down complicated ingredients or recipes and makes them understandable and doable for the average “baking dummy” like me. And she doesn’t make me feel dumb in the process. Check out her recipe for pecan encrusted bacon cooked in the oven. You will love me forever.

5. Catholic Icing. Lacy, a young woman in her 20s and the mother of four littles, shares tons of ideas for teaching the Bible, the liturgy, and the feasts and fasts of the Church year to children, preschool and younger in particular. Her blog gives me tons of ideas for making the Catholic faith come alive for my toddler, Mark.

Fun Fact about June 1, 2012: Today my youngest brother, Matthew Wood, graduates from homeschool high school. All eight of my siblings are home today in Greenville, SC to attend Matt’s graduation ceremonies this evening. It’s also a momentous occasion for my Mom: it marks her eighth and final student graduating from her homeschool classroom, twenty-six years after she started homeschooling her first student: ME. Next week I’ll be blogging about the graduation, about my thoughts on homeschooling, and about traveling 9 hours with two babies and no husband to get to this graduation. Life sure is a crazy adventure.

Happy Friday y’all!


  1. Love it! 🙂

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