Posted by: littlebitofparadise | May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites

I’m excited to launch a new series on my blog today called “Friday Favorites.” Each Friday my goal is to (briefly) blog about five of my favorite things in a specific category. Recipes. Date night ideas. Couponing. Home Decor. Kid Stuff. Mom Stuff. Fashion. Fitness. Funnies. I’ll try to make it both different and interesting each week.

I truly enjoy learning what my friends’ favorites are in a wide range of categories – I love implementing their good ideas into my life and home. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about some of the things that make my world a little bit of paradise, too.

So TGIF my friends! Let’s get started with Five Friday Favorites – Post Numero Uno:

1. Raindrops on roses.

2. Whiskers on kittens.

3. Bright copper kettles.

4. JUSSSSST kidding! Sorry Julie Andrews fans, I couldn’t help myself. ;O)

Although there IS a connection – my inaugural list of five favorites often comes home from the store in a brown paper bag…minus the string. Here are my five favorite wines to drink and serve in the summertime. You can easily find a nice bottle of each of these wines for under $10.

1. Viognier  (or as I like to call it “Vino-YAY”). It’s a white grape wine, grown mostly in the Rhone region of France, but it’s also a wildly popular variety grown on Northern Virginia vinyards. I recently learned it’s also Virginia’s state grape. Who knew states had a grape? Am I the only one in the dark about this? I love viognier because it’s flowery and fruity but also on the dry side – I enjoy a glass super cold with a wide range of summer dinners. It truly smells and tastes like summer to me.

2. Riesling! Fruity, crisp and sweet, riesling is my favorite to sip with an appetizer or dessert. I like dryer, less sweet wines to eat with dinner – but it’s certainly a crowd pleaser. You can never go wrong with a bottle from the St. Michelle label from Washington.

3. Cotes du Rhone Rose. I’m not referring to the dark red Cotes du Rhone so many are familiar with. This is a light pink, dry yet fruity rose. Often with strong notes of strawberry and cherries, it’s simply divine. Goes oh-so-well with Asian food, pork dishes, BBQ, etc. My favorite label for around $10 is the E. Guigal 2010. 89 points from Wine Advocate and usually available in grocery stores.

4. Pinot Grigio. Everyone loves a little chilled pinot in the summertime, right? It’s also my favorite wine to use when making a summer risotto – the ultimate summer comfort food in my wannabe Italian mind. You can get a 2007 Eco Domani or a 2006 Santa Margharita for under $10. Yum!

5. Malbec. Boy I sure had a hard time picking my favorite summer red. At first I was going to say a Napa Valley Pinot Noir, then I convinced myself that a red Zinfandel or a Beaujolais was the obvious choice. But my husband will attest that truly, my favorite summer red is an Argentinian Malbec. He sometimes calls me a “Malbec Girl” I love it so much. Malbec is the perfect summer red – not too deep, but still deep enough to stand up to summer grilling, particularly red meats or Italian fare. It has body, but it’s not overkill to drink in the summer heat. As long as the bottle comes from Argentina, you’re probably golden with your Malbec choice. A personal fav is Gascon from Mendoza (look for the white and purple label).

Fun Fact: I recently learned that most of us Americans drink our red wines too warm and our white wines too cold. The advice I heard was to stick your bottle of red in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving, and take your whites out of the cooler 10 minutes before serving. Which means I’ve been drinking my whites a bit too cold, apparently. Good thing I have a whole summer in front of me to perfect my white wine drinking skills!


  1. Steph, awesome, I love it. It’s great to read something useful as well as fun!

  2. your blogposts are so great! Lovvvve them!
    I’ll have to try the Malbec as my usual fav is Pinot Noir 🙂 you should’ve been a salesman!

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