Posted by: littlebitofparadise | May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Bang for Your Buck

I love Memorial Day weekend! I feel honored to come from a long line of men and women who have proudly served our country, including relatives who’ve given their life in the line of duty. I’m glad we have a national holiday to honor their heroic spirit.

And, in usual Steph fashion, I love any excuse to celebrate food, family, and festive decor in my home. This year Pete and I are hosting the Weinert clan for a big BBQ bash in our backyard. I wanted to share with you some of my DIY projects that have been happening in said backyard this week, in anticipation of our weekend shin-dig.

It all started with one solitary can of glossy regal blue spray paint that I got for about $3 at  Michaels this week (with a 50% off coupon).

I rummaged around my basement and found these sorry looking creatures:

I found the pink and blue basket in a clearance bin of 90% OFF Easter items at Michaels. Why no one bought this beautiful basket for its full retail price of $12.99, I truly have no idea. This picture doesn’t even do the airbrushed pastel pink strokes justice! So I rescued that little gem of a basket at 90% off and used an extra “20% off your entire purchase including sale items” coupon. Paying under $1 for such a lovely specimen still seemed a bit much, but I guess it was a splurge kind of day.

A can of spray paint and some ribbon from the Dollar Store later, wa-la!

I love the way it turned out! Next project was to create a centerpiece out of my used wine bottles. I stash empty bottles in my basement so I can re-use them for crafting purposes. These five got a good soaking in the kitchen sink for a couple hours, and I scraped off the excess label stickiness with some Goo-gone. They each received one generous coating of spray paint and a few touch-ups here and there. The flowers were from a rather ugly bouquet on clearance at Michaels. Easiest DIY project EVER:

I’ll be using the basket for napkins and plastic ware for our BBQ party, and the wine bottles will be my buffet-table centerpiece. The total bill for my project INCLUDING the flag napkins and plasticware (also Dollar Tree) was just over $7.00.

Another fun and super-inexpensive way to decorate the home for patriotic holidays is to purchase some little flags from the Dollar Store. You can stick them in anything and everything. My house is probably bordering the cheesy side with my overuse of flag decorations, but I think it looks festive and fun. Here are some examples:

I think the entire damage to my wallet for these decorations was around $10. Not too bad, considering I can reuse them for Fourth of July and for patriotic holidays in the future.

And now I must excuse myself and return to my other addiction: browsing Pinterest for Memorial Day BBQ FOOD ideas!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend my friends!


P.S. I’ll be starting a new series on my Blog called “Friday Favorites.” I’ll tell you more about it on Friday. =)

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